Rise of the Solar Hotel: Should You Look for Hotels that Run on Solar Power?
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Rise of the Solar Hotel:
Should You Look for Hotels
that Run on Solar Power?

With lots of people being conscious about the environment, many are now choosing to seek out a solar hotel using solar power that is sustainable for their trips. These are typically eco hotels that are sustainable and eco-friendly and that have made efforts in their properties to help protect the environment.

What are the benefits of a solar hotel?

Each solar hotel can help the Earth in a multitude of ways. Considering hotels and accommodations use so much energy, solar panels being installed in eco hotels can help lower costs for electricity due to being much more energy efficient. This allows the solar hotel to redistribute their saved money back into their business. Plus, in today’s climate with so many conscious travelers, having solar power looks great for the property’s public image. This will increase visitor numbers and is a return on investment that benefits the environment.

How does staying in eco hotels benefit the traveler?

When you opt for eco hotels instead of the standard as a traveler, you can go on your trip knowing that you’re going to have a great experience, while also doing your part for the environment. By choosing a hotel with solar power, you can rest assured that you’re giving your custom to the greener choices.

So if you are planning on taking a trip soon and you’d like to know where to find hotels with solar power, let me show you. Many sustainable accommodations are found on comparison sites like booking.com where you can filter into eco-friendly ratings, or you can go directly to a site made especially with that in mind such as EcoHotels or Regenerative Travel.

Courtyard by Marriott – Lancaster USA

This 133-room hotel is the first hotel of its kind in the US. They run 100% on solar power and are storing more electricity than they need which helps keep their bills extremely low. As an already loved and familiar chain, they’re paving the way for other properties to (hopefully) follow suit.

Hotel Geysir – Iceland

Hotel Geysir is a solar hotel that runs exclusively on renewable solar power and they make sure to extend their sustainable efforts to the local community by working closely with locals and small businesses everywhere they can. 

H2hotel – Healdsburg, California

This property is added to our list of eco hotels as they too have covered their roof in solar panels in order to focus on renewable energy. The solar power they harness from the sun heats the rooms and even the swimming pool, all while keeping their energy footprint as low as possible.

Finding a hotel that uses solar power is getting easier by the day with more properties becoming more environmentally conscious. This means it’s significantly easier to find a solar power property that aligns with your thoughts on sustainability. So use the examples above, or search the appropriate platforms for other suitable eco hotels that suit your travel style and eco-friendly efforts.

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