Recommended Eco Hotels for Solo Travel
Solo Travel

Recommended Eco Hotels for Solo Travel

If you are a single person travelling around the world, this article is for you. Solo travel is fun and introspective, but at the same time, they are a bit of a challenge. A lot of hotels don’t have single-friendly policies. They either focus on family accommodations or are known for their couples’ special entertainment policies. Very rare hotels encourage and comfortably accommodate individuals on a solo trip. 

With the dynamic environment, hospitality properties are now recognizing the need to harbour solo individuals. They have come up with smaller rooms at affordable rates and organise single-friendly activities to keep individuals entertained during their stay. Not only this, some of these hotels are going woke and are adopting eco-friendly policies.

Encouraging such sustainable initiatives, we have curated a list of hotels that offer various activities for people to enjoy while they travel alone. 

Cook’s Club El Gouna – Adults Only, Egypt

This adults-only hotel with a daring design and a unique concept. The hotel is designed especially for the young adult demographic. The hotel has attempted to create a social space where guests can meet new people and enjoy their stay while they travel alone. 

A DJ setup is placed near the pool where the tunes play throughout the day. All the guests are encouraged to mingle and enjoy the music. The North Coast lifestyle is reflected in this poolside adults-only setting. For a person on a solo trip who is looking to socialise and explore the local culture, this is the ideal place to stay.

The Cook’s Club El Gouna is designed in a contemporary fashion. The aesthetic of the place follows a dark-grey colour palate with elegant lighting fixtures and bamboo furnishing. An additional convenience they offer is their e-wallet system. Without the hassle of cash, one can spend or withdraw cash from the card itself. This card also duals as the room key.

Single travellers who aren’t looking for a social scene can enjoy the swimming pool and steam bath facilities on the premises. There is also a fitness centre for those looking to work out. 

The property incorporates a mini golf court and a tennis court. It also offers horseback riding and fishing along with other typical water sports that one finds at a beachside hotel.

For all the foodies, they have a highly-rated restaurant that one must try.

Hostel Celica, Slovenia

Credit: Hostel Celica

Hostels are a favourite among the solo travelling community. They are affordable,  clean and offer their visitors an opportunity to build a community. It provides a chill space where individuals can conversate with like-minded people. 

The common spaces in hostels are always a delight and Celica is no different. Here many different commonplaces like cafes, garden corners, and restaurants are designated for socialising. People who travel alone often look for some company at the places they stop during their voyages.

This particular hostel is unique in its design and history. The property itself was a military prison for a period of more than 100 years. It was restored and artistically transformed into the Hostel Celica.

20 cells of the prison are now transformed into various rooms with cosy beds and wonderful wall murals. These colourful murals symbolise the shift from captivity to freedom. Their motto for freedom is exactly why they encourage people to escape and explore the city.

Another motto they have is THINK. ACT. SHARE. This is a sustainable property that believes in energy consumption, recycling, eco-friendly transport, and supporting local businesses. 

If you are a person of history and nature, this is the place to be for your next solo trip.

Minos Palace Hotel & Suites – Adults only, Greece

Credit: Minos Palace Hotel & Suites

This marvel in the Mediterranean sea is a peak destination for solo travel. The hotel is surrounded by the ocean from all sides since it is located on a peninsula of its own. 

There are two types of solo travellers, the ones who want adventure and socialisation and the others who want solace and relaxation. This hotel is primarily for the latter half. 

However, if you do fall in the former category and are an adrenaline junky who wants to enjoy the warmth of the Greek sun along with some adventure, don’t worry!  The hotel offers water sports for your thrill.

Coming to the specialties of the hotel, individuals can enjoy the award-winning, world-class spa facilities at the hotel and submerge themselves in the scenic beauty of the island. The hotel encourages visitors to recharge their bodies, mind & souls by exploring the blue flag private beach adjoining the property. 

Individuals can also enjoy a drink at the bar and try out different cuisines at the 4 premium restaurants featured at Minos Palace Hotel & Suites. The hotel offers junior suites for people who like to travel alone.

Minos Palace Hotel & Suites hosts adults only, prominently honeymoon couples and singles. 

This property is certified by Travellife suggesting that it practises sustainable activities like water and waste management and energy conservation.

For your next rejuvenation solo trip, keep this hotel in mind.

Solo travel becomes all the more invigorating if you find the place that is the right fit for you. Based on your preferences, personality, and the type of activities you want to participate in, you can select a suitable eco-hotel that suits your fancy.

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