Off Season Travel: Where Should You Go For A Great Trip?

Off Season Travel:
Where Should You Go For A Great Trip?

When it comes to travelling, many people have a list of the best destinations they would love to visit, a bucket list if you will. However, there are some places that should be given more of a priority than others depending on the time of year. Off season travel is beneficial for multiple reasons including avoiding mass tourism which can damage the environment, and giving you more of an authentic experience away from the crowds and tourists. 

But what are some recommended countries to visit during the slow seasons? If they’re not busy with tourists, isn’t that something to be concerned about? 

The short answer is no. Many people travel during the typical peak seasons of summer and the Christmas holidays simply because that’s when the majority of people get time off from work. The schools are closed for summer vacation and people spend the holidays with their families. When people are not strictly made to travel when kids are out of school, they’d likely travel at other times of year more frequently. 

So, where are the best destinations to travel to in off season?


The off season travel period for Egypt is Autumn. It’s one of the best destinations to visit outside of the summer due to the extreme heat that summer brings to the country. Considering most tourists visit Egypt during the hot months too, this means you’ll be able to enjoy the country without the large crowds or breaking too much of a sweat. The Autum breeze will be a welcome treat.


Argentina is one of the recommended countries to visit to enjoy off season travel due to a few factors. Since so many Latin American countries are faced with hurricanes during southern hemisphere spring which Argentina doesn’t have to worry about, it makes this a prime destination to visit this time of year. Plus, most people consider travelling during the summer so you’ll have less travellers to bump into.


Malta is another one of the best destinations to visit for off season travel which is often overlooked. Although it may not be warm enough to enjoy a swim in the ocean, you can instead focus your trip on the cultural aspects instead and have entire temples an vineyards almost completely to yourself when travelling in October and November (late autumn and early winter).

Off season travel is a fantastic way to have an authentic experience with locals rather than tourists and see what the best destinations are like outside of the bustling summer months.

As you can see, there are always places added to the best destinations list that you should consider when looking for a trip during off season travel. If you’re looking for inspiration or a place to go, travel to one of the listed destinations above to help do your part in lessening the effects of over tourism and travelling when less tourists are around, while also enjoying the overlooked features of these great countries.

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