Luxury Resort Cyprus: Cliffside Eco-Friendly Yurts
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Luxury Resort Cyprus: Cliffside Eco-Friendly Yurts

Cyprus is a European nation that sits in the East Mediterranean Sea nestled between Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. It’s a republic that offers on average 320 days of sunshine and glorious weather all year round. An often overlooked travel destination, it offers so much to those who want to enjoy a Cyprus vacation. The island has multiple accommodations (including our luxury resort Cyprus has to offer) and many beautiful landscapes to be seen vans is just waiting to be explored by those who care about sustainable tourism.

Luxury Resort Cyprus Location

Yurts in Cyprus is located on a cliff just outside Paphos on the western side of the country, and is rated as one of the best resorts in Cyprus that not only showcases some of the best sights of the Stavros tis Psokas Valley, but also works toward eco friendliness and sustainability. The owners and staff of the resort truly care about their part in the local economy and protecting the natural landscape of the region.

Credit: Yurts in Cyprus

Sustainability project

What started as an eco project grew into a much loved luxury resort Cyprus visitors have come to love. The sustainability practices that have put the property on the best resorts in Cyprus list include wind turbines and solar panels generating power as renewable energy, their own on-site irrigation system to water all local plantlife found on their land, avoiding fossil fuels to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible and being cautious with the overall effect the luxury resort Cyprus has on the environment. The aim of the creators of the resort was to build a property that allowed people to “become one with nature without sacrificing their comfort” during their stay. Something that has remained true.

Luxurious Accommodation

Those who visit this unique accommodation during their Cyprus vacation can expect to stay inside a Mongolian style yurt which has many similarities to the popular “glamping” aesthetic. Each yurt has an iron double bed, coffee making station, traditional cypriot rugs and even some bluetooth tech to keep you entertained – should you need it. There are multiple yurts all a fair distance apart from each other to ensure guest privacy and a small family-sized cabin available too. 

Activities near the luxury resort Cyprus

Due to the property location, guests can visit the Blue Lagoon to witness sea life from a glass bottom boat, enjoy hiking along nature trails, stargazing and mountain biking all thanks to the nearby mountains and valley landscape. Guests will truly be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing which outdoors activities to participate in while visiting the Yurts – one of the best resorts in Cyprus.

Credit: Yurts in Cyprus

So if you’re looking for a unique accommodation type and an excuse to unwind and spend a little time off-grid in a hot climate, look no further than this mesmerising and relaxing luxury resort Cyprus has to offer. You can make a booking on their site here and tick off experiencing one of the best resorts in Cyprus. Are you ready to start planning your Cyprus vacation? 

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