Looking for Reputable Eco Tourism Companies Offering Sustainable Tours

Looking for Reputable
Eco Tourism Companies
Offering Sustainable Tours

With so many tour options around the world, we always try to encourage people to choose a sustainable tour or work with eco tourism companies. Not only does this allow us to stay responsible with our own travels, but it also puts our funds into eco tourism companies that are actively trying to help the environment. Responsible travel is so important and more people should be more conscious about where they send their money. So we want to make this process easier for you, sharing high-quality eco tours that are equally fun to experience.

How can you find suitable eco tourism companies?

When trying to find eco tourism companies to book eco tours with, it can be hard to know what to look for. Many reputable companies that offer eco-friendly tour options will have a certificate which means they have been evaluated by an official third party as being sustainable. When narrowing down your options, you should look out for these ecotourism certifications which can usually be found on the footer of their websites and will be the best indication of a company’s sustainable status.

Here are 3 eco tourism companies offering eco tours around the world:

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions is on our list as a sustainable tour company due to focusing on reducing their carbon emissions by 10% for each passenger. When you consider the number of passengers that book their eco tours each year, that’s a lot of cut emissions! They have long prided themselves on being an efficient tour company and that’s clear to see.

You can learn more about them here.

Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat has to be included on our list of eco tourism companies due to the fact that every tour they offer is sustainable. They’ve offset all carbon emissions made on every tour since 2007 and they have a close relationship with the WWF wildlife fund contributing over $5m to their cause. They have even created a zero waste tour for traveler’s to enjoy while making sure they leave no trace. 

Book one of their eco tours here.

Intrepid Travel

The entire Intrepid Travel company ethos is to be a responsible traveler and that’s exactly what they offer – responsible and sustainable tour opportunities. Not only do they advertise sensible eco tours and partnerships with other eco tourism companies, but they also teach travelers how to be responsible on their booked tours to educate us on how we can be eco friendly travelers.  

Find a sustainable tour with them here.

Finding a sustainable tour doesn’t need to be a chore. It can be a rewarding experience where you get to try something new during your travels while also helping the environment. If you’re on the look out for eco tourism companies and need help looking for an eco tour, why not check out these articles and also consider the 3 sites we have listed above. They’ve been recommended due to the amazing work they’re doing in the responsible tourism industry, each has a great reputation and most importantly they offer great tours! 

If you don’t see a tour that suits your interest above, you can look for eco tour companies in your chosen destination and check that they have a clear policy of sustainability.

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