Looking at the Benefits of a Container Hotel
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Looking at the Benefits of a Container Hotel

With the prices of homes and accommodation going up around the world, people are becoming more interested in staying in a container hotel or tiny digs than ever before. What started as a unique financial benefit due to rising prices has grown into a trend due to the cute small-sized properties that are a little bit more unique than a standard hotel or accommodation. Typically, hotels are large buildings with multiple floors and many rooms, yet a small hotel may only consist of a fraction of the rooms and amenities making them somewhat exclusive. 

With less rooms available, it means you may need to plan ahead to make a booking to stay in the tiny digs. Many of these properties are built into a small type of container hotel which is great for the sustainable world as they are usually recycled from other materials. Instead of these containers being wasted to rust away on a dock somewhere, upcycling has been prioritised where they’re refurbished to create sleek and inviting accommodations as a container hotel. Sustainability is not the only benefit to the small hotel and tiny digs movement, as there was a boom in the container hotel around the time the pandemic took hold. People wanted to stay in independent accommodations detached from the other rooms within the property, and so the container hotel blossomed. With each room being separately located on the same plot of land, it can feel like you’re isolated from other guests which adds to the peaceful aspect of a trip – something many tourists enjoy. 

Let’s take a look at some recommended tiny digs that are worth visiting:

Flophouze Hotel – Round Top, Texas, USA

Credit: Flophouze Hotel

Flophouze is a hotel that combines the hotel experience with glamping to offer individual container hotel pods. Each container is designed using a wide variety of materials and artefacts that the owner had bought and collected throughout their life of traveling. With an unmissable country vibe and rustic feel this small hotel is a great spot for visitors to experience the Texan countryside for a night or two. 

ContainHotel – Various locations, Czechia

Credit: Michal Hurych

ContainHotel is a unique pop-up that changes its location from time-to-time. As far as a small hotel goes, it’s only large enough for one group at a time and you often need to check in advance where it’s going to be set up next. It’s been built using refurbished containers and usually has a long waiting list of travelers desperate to stay so act fast!

Dock Inn Hostel – Warnemünde, Germany

Credit: Dock Inn Hostel

The Dock Inn Hostel is a little different to our other submissions due to being a shared hostel rather than just a tiny digs for individual groups. It has a collection of shipping containers built together to create one large building with a range of dormitory and single rooms. This property is located in a much more built up area so you’ll get less of a countryside experience, but you’ll still get to enjoy the rustic container charm. 

For those travelers that love sustainability, some of the above tiny digs might be exactly what the doctor ordered to give you a great hospitality experience in an eco-friendly way. Each container hotel is another recycled property just waiting to offer you a comfortable stay. Consider staying in a small hotel or container during your next trip, it’ll be worth it!

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