Kyoto Tourist Map: A Real Game Changer
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Kyoto Tourist Map:
A Real Game Changer

Overtourism is a real problem in Kyoto, Japan. They have had issues caused by visitors such as the impact of excessive crowding on the lives of local residents, illegal dumping of garbage, and an abundance of sightseeing buses on the streets. Kyoto’s Municipal Government decided it was time to take action with the use of a tourist map that will facilitate congestion control and help to put an end to overtourism in the region.  

What is the Tourism Comfort Level Map?

The Kyoto Municipal Government, along with the Kyoto City Tourism Association, have launched a multi-lingual online tourist map that shows the crowding forecasts for the ancient Japanese capital’s tourism hotspots.

The map is available in Chinese and English as of now, and offers users the ability to check five-level congestion forecasts every hour up to two months in advance for seven popular tourist areas. These popular travel areas include “Saga-arashiyama, “”Gion and Kiyomizu,” and “Fushimi.” 

The forecast is based on analysis of smartphone location data, and the tourist map promises to  make it easier for travelers to see the major sights while the government is exercising congestion control. 

How Does the Tourism Comfort Level Map Benefit Travelers and Locals?

The number of annual travelers visiting the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto reached 53.52 million in 2019, which is also when the initial tourist map was introduced. The need was due to overtourism in the region. But how does it benefit travelers and locals alike?

For locals the overtourism of the area was affecting everyday life due to travelers crowding roadways, lack of public transportation availability, and visitors not properly disposing of garbage. Koyota saw the need to promote their new tourist map to achieve sustainable tourism that is harmonious with the daily lives of locals. This benefits locals greatly because it’s mitigating overtourism in their city.  

For travelers the idea is to promote ease of travel in Kyoto while preventing overtourism or overwhelming numbers of visitors going to certain points of interest. For visitors the tourist map is invaluable as it provides a look at how crowded each spot they want to visit it will be. Not only does this aid in the planning process, but it also allows travelers to choose the perfect time to visit Kyoto. If you are looking to safely and easily travel to Kyoto you can find the English version of the map, or the Japanese version of the tourist map. 

How To Use The Kyoto Tourist Map

The Kyoto Tourist Map provides useful information for avoiding congestion by forecasting comfort levels around popular spots. The real-time information is provided by live cameras, allowing travelers to get insight into sightseeing spots. 

For instance, you can search the spot you are planning to visit, say Kyoto Station, and check the time of day you are thinking of visiting. The color coded scale helps you to determine if the congestion is at a comfortable level (blue) or if the station is overly crowded (red). 

The tourist map allows travelers to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto comfortably while skillfully avoiding crowded times and places.  The hope of the Kyoto government, with the introduction of the tourist map,is that many travelers, including foreigners, have a more enjoyable sightseeing experience. Use the Kyoto Tourist Map to help plan your next trip to Japan’s ancient capital.

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