Koala Conservation and Eco Tourism In Australia
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Koala Conservation
and Ecotourism in Australia 

Travelers want to see wild koalas, and it’s easy to understand why these cute and cuddly bears get so much love. However, you may not realize that koalas are facing a very bleak future. Koalas were officially added to the endangered species list as of 2022 due to their natural habitat disappearing. Their habitats consist of eucalyptus tree forests, and they can typically be found in temperate semi-arid forests. The most pressing issue is ensuring the survival of endangered koalas. These cute koalas are important to the Australian ecosystem and environment because they increase biodiversity. You may be wondering what you can do to help wild koalas of Australia. Keep reading for some great ideas on how you can help koala conservation through ecotourism in Australia. 

As of 2022, wild koalas have been added to the endangered species list. These animals are a symbol of Australia and therefore bring in a lot of revenue due to tourism. What many don’t realize is that endangered koalas are incredibly sensitive to their environment and die very easily due to changes. Due to an increase in both urbanization and tourism in Australia their natural habitat is under stress and disappearing quickly. 

However, it’s not only habitat loss that is causing endangered koalas. It’s estimated that nearly 11,000 koalas are hit by cars annually, they are also often attacked by dogs and contract bacterial diseases very easily. The wild koala population has decreased significantly since the 80s when there were 400,000+ koalas in Australia. Their current population sits at an estimated 40,000 to 80,000. It’s also estimated that 80% of their natural habitat has been destroyed. Koala conservation is on the rise and with the very lofty goal of saving these cute and cuddly symbols of Australia. 

Many koala conservation groups in Australia have set goals to save the important endangered koala population. Most initiatives center around educating the public about how they can individually prevent further loss of the wild koala population in Australia. Places like the Koala Hospital in New South Wales, Australia are dedicated to koala conservation. They want the community and travelers alike to get involved and become “hands on” when it comes to saving koalas by planting trees, volunteering at the hospital, and reporting wild koala sightings. Conservation efforts are on the rise and this has led to an increase in ecotourism opportunities that help the wild koala population of Australia. 

3 Ways To Help Koala Conservation Efforts In Australia

1. Untamed Escapes – Adelaide, South Australia

This tour lets travelers save koala habitats through ecotourism. The Untamed Escape 6 Day Eyre Peninsula and Flinders Ranges Adventure Tour is a completely immersive South Australian adventure. Travelers experience the best of Australia with the addition of spending half a day planting trees and removing weeds from wild koala habitats in Mikkira Station. You can take this tour knowing that your efforts in koala conservation will make a difference. Untamed Escapes holds several eco certifications including the Australian Eco Certified advanced ecotourism, Climate Action Innovator certification, and Respecting Culture certification.   

2. Wildlife Wonders – Apollo Bay, Victoria

Wildlife Wonders allows travelers to experience the wild nature of the Australian bushlands. You’ll explore an area where the forest meets the sea close to Apollo Bay. Spot wild koalas in the Wildlife Wonder sanctuary on a guided nature walk. On these tours you will directly support both environmental and koala conservation efforts. See even more Australian wildlife, including cuddly koalas, on a Dawn & Dusk Tour at Wildlife Wonders. The sanctuary is eco certified by the Australian Conservation Ecology Center, as well as being a registered eco charity. 

3. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors – Beerwah, Queensland

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital provides koalas with a lifeline in this ever evolving urban world. Each year the zoo provides treatment for 800 sick and injured wild koalas. The zoo is at the forefront of koalas conservation efforts and is constantly working to give koalas a second chance. The Australia Zoo makes donating to help endangered koalas incredibly easy. You can also visit the Australia Zoo while in the country to learn even more about their koala conservation efforts. Australia Zoo is passionately fighting for our wildlife and wild places to be around for generations. They are accredited by the Zoo Aquarium Association, which is the peak body, regulating zoological facilities across Australasia to ensure facilities are operating to the highest ecological standards.

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Koala conservation efforts will help the endangered koala population! Taking one of these ecotours on your next trip to Australia will help the wild koala population by aiding in the preservation of their habitat. If you aren’t traveling to Australia soon, but want to help these cute and cuddly bears, consider donating to one of the organizations above today! Let’s save the koalas! 

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