Interesting Sustainable Travel Companies in the World

Sustainable Travel Companies
in the World

As sustainable travel becomes more mainstream, innovative start-ups have started creating new ideas to encourage eco-friendly travel worldwide. So whether you’re looking to make a one-of-a-kind trip, chat with a local, or plan an excursion with a sustainable company, a start-up is for you. Many of these sustainable travel companies are crafting fantastic experiences for travelers with sustainability in mind. Here are some of the most interesting start-ups we found:

Fair Voyage

Fair Voyage is a carbon-neutral Global Sustainable Tourism Council certified travel start-up that was founded in 2018. This company is located in Switzerland and features trips all over the world. While it is a travel booking agency, it is extremely unique in the fact that each experience is crafted just for you by a local destination expert and that the money you spend will go towards making the world a better place, like through carbon offset programs. Several sustainability leaders drive this company to make sure that it stays on track with its goals and ensures eco-friendly travel.

The team that runs the company is a social enterprise team and makes sure to source sustainable travel experiences. For the entire experience, Fair Voyage uses verified responsible suppliers and commits to offsetting travelers’ carbon and greenhouse gas as an organization. 

Very Local Trip

Very Local Trip is an innovative start-up from France that focuses on authentic travel experiences worldwide, founded in 2014. Their concept focuses on being more of a “traveler” instead of a “tourist” and sustainably connecting with local communities. This sustainable travel company collaborates with local experts to provide travelers with incredible travel experiences. The idea here is to promote local culture and traditions while helping the local economy, both of which Very Local Trip does a great job at. 

In Thailand, for example, Very Local Trip works with the Research Center of Communication and Development Knowledge Management (CCDKM) to create a positive social impact. Partnerships like these ensure that local needs stay the core focus of the organization’s mission. The shared objective of CCDKM and Very Local Trip is to enable rural communities to participate in tourism development and empower individuals to be aware of the value of the local community, including the culture.

Go Ask A Local

This United States-based innovative start-up directly connects travelers with locals in the country or city they are interested in traveling to across the world, founded in 2021. Once connected on the Go Ask A Local platform, locals share their expertise and help potential travelers put together as authentic a trip as possible. Whether you’re interested in local sustainable hiking, a cooking class, or eco-friendly tours, your local guide can help connect you with local-run companies that fit exactly what you are looking for on your trip. Any questions you have, they are happy to answer.

This sustainable travel idea is new to the market and unique in its’ thinking as it cuts out the middle man and helps to enhance the local economy by providing jobs and tourism. Unlike many other companies, Go Ask A Local gives community members a voice when it comes to tourists visiting the town. Locals are able to share their opinion with potential tourists by working for Go Ask A Local.

These sustainable travel companies are about connecting travelers with sustainable experiences and eco-friendly travel at their core. If you’re a sustainably-minded individual, you’ll want to make sure that your trips are as eco-conscious as possible, and hopefully, this list has provided you with some start-up businesses to help you plan for an epic vacation!

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