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Innovative Idea: Sustainability Based Pricing at Arctic Blue Resort

It seems that the world’s first ultimately sustainable hotel can be found in Scandinavia… in Finland! So, at this time, we will share with you, the latest information about this wonderful far north hotel.

The Arctic Blue Resort is an eco-friendly hotel will be open to the public in 2022.  The resort area is located in Kontiolahti, 450 km northeast of Helsinki, Finland. Inspiration from nature is reflected in the design and the goal is to be as sustainable as possible.

A hotel located in the middle of nature. Each room has a special theme. It is possible to choose to sleep under the starry night sky in a glass-covered room or to enjoy the 360-degree forest views. The atmosphere is arranged so that travelers are able to fully experience the magnificent nature which surrounds the resort.

The concept of the resort was conceived in collaboration with the city of Kontiolahti.

“This resort is a good example of sustainability, by minimising the negative impact of tourism and focusing on environmental responsibility. I want to be a leader in sustainable initiatives. ” (Mayor, Kontiolahti)

The resort is, of course, sustainable!

The building itself is constructed from natural materials. Renewable energy sources are used for heating and electricity throughout the premises, and electric vehicles are used for transport within the area. The resort area is equipped with a unique water treatment system which is also powered by renewable energy sources.

The restaurant in the resort utilises locally produced or locally sourced materials. Many of the locally sourced food  items are seasonal, so for example; menu items can change according to seasonal availability.

At the resort, travellers are able to have a  “Digital Detox” simply by saying, “I want you to enjoy this moment.” and taking a much needed break from their devices.

The activities are all about enjoying the great outdoors. The Arctic Blue statement cites activities  such as canoeing or natural blueberry picking in summer, or  ice swimming on frozen lakes in winter and snowshoeing in the arctic snow.

It seems that one will be fully immersed in the lush Finnish nature!

For those who would like to have a truly sustainable stay…

You can stay for a lowered price!?

The ultimate in sustainability is that, for the first time in the world, if a traveler participates in an experience or activity which reduces carbon dioxide emissions, it will be reflected in the room rate. This mechanism allows discounts on the overall total of accommodation expenses based on water intake, electricity usage, and meal selection. In addition, the activities you engage in during your stay, such as planting trees in nearby forests, can also affect the discount in a positive way.

What this means is that resort guests can directly impact their rates by reducing energy consumption, participating in environmental activities, and choosing sustainable meals. It provides an incentive to “choose sustainable” by oneself. In brief, the costs of one’s stay is in direct relation to the sustainability decisions which directly affect the stay, such as waste and emissions. This is revolutionary when in regard to accommodation!

How to make a sustainable choice independently

Finland is known around the world for its sustainable conservation efforts. There are good options for one to do something that is naturally sustainable! They have adopted a mechanism to realise that.

By doing so, one can not only provide a sustainable environment, but also experience the initiative of sustainably working independently to better oneself and improve sustainable initiatives via one’s own individual decisions.

Even though it’s good for the environment, many people may not be able to take the first step towards sustainability on one’s own. Isn’t it easier to begin with the easy-to-understand advantage of discounts as the first step in the process of greening one’s lifestyle? Once doing so, it is easier to realise that “Oh, sustainability is not that hard.” “Sustainable” is a very vague word, and one must first discover what is sustainable, and how it plays into everyday life.  In the meantime, one can experience what sustainable actions actually are and how even small choices can have a larger effect over time.

After the trip, could it be the beginning of sustainable efforts in everyday life?

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