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If You Can’t Go Far, Go Local!

Often, when people think of sustainable travel, it involves visions of exotic destinations in far away places. 

One’s far away destination is always another’s local area. So if it is not currently possible for you to travel long distances, why not enjoy your local area as much as someone who has travelled very far to be there? 

Of course, with sustainable tourism, it is always preferable to make your contribution go far by contributing to the local community, visiting important sites, purchasing local-made goods and handicraft. But isn’t this also something that can be done close to home if one does not have accessible the funds for a big trip? It is always possible to contribute to your local community in the same types of ways that a traveller is able to contribute to sustainability abroad.

If you are suffering from wanderlust, take the moment to think about the possibilities for sustainable options in your area. Are there low-impact tourism destinations available? What would it require to put on your boots and go trekking? To call some friends and take a day picnic together to enjoy the nature? Or to visit local farms and handicraft places in the outlying areas of your city? Those purchases also benefit the local community. A very important community as well, since it is your own! 

Consider for a moment, all of the places nearby that are passed by every day without much of a thought. If you have ever thought to yourself ‘Oh, that would be nice to go there someday’, make someday today!

There are countless places worldwide, in which one can visit to just enjoy the beauty, to exist in pristine nature. To have a day, without distraction and to appreciate one’s own surroundings. Not only are these moments memorable, but they can be also sometimes necessary. 

The next time you feel yourself experiencing destination envy on social media, pack yourself up and get on your bicycle and make your own travel to the destination nearest you! 

Enjoy the day!

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