How You Can Book a Sustainable Trip to Turkey

How You Can Book
a Sustainable Trip to Turkey

Turkey is a stunning country full of rich culture and amazing weather. It’s a popular tourist destination just waiting for you to book a trip to Turkey to explore their heritage. If you’re a fan of eco-friendly travel then you’ll be pleased to know that the Turkish government is making many changes to their tourism practices to offer more sustainable options for visitors. So, are you ready to start planning your Turkey vacation?

How is Turkey maintaining ecotourism?

Since covid-19, Turkish authorities have taken it upon themselves to try and encourage visitors back to their beautiful country. They’re finding ways to make their nation appeal to the conscious traveler. and they’re trying to invite these guests back while maintaining sustainability. But how are they doing this exactly?

The Turkish government is working towards improving the infrastructure around highly touristic areas plus they are working closely with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) over a 3 year period. Signing this contract will lead the way for Turkey to improve its sustainability efforts. The GSTC is a platform that will help accelerate Turkey’s sustainability efforts by highlighting them as a strong competitor in the international competition of sustainable nations.

Ecotours available In Turkey

If you’d like to visit Turkey and want to know what activities or tours are available, below are three hand-picked ecotours available for you to book during your Turkish trip.

Hizir Ecological Camp

This ecological campsite in the heart of the Kirislik Valley on the slopes of Ida Mountain is one that should be included on any Turkey trip focused on ecotourism. During your Vacation to Turkey you can enjoy yoga, meditation, relaxation and enjoy staying at this campsite that is aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by producing their own electricity through solar power.

Pastoral Vadi Ecological Farm

This farm has houses that are made from mud, stone and other natural materials. They raise animals on a strictly natural diet and cook Mediterranean meals from foods grown directly on their farm. They offer visitors the chance to learn their farming techniques as well as holding seminars and workshops on arts, crafts and performances. They are located in Fethiye in the middle of a valley.  

Sarikavak Castle Hiking Trail

This Turkey trip is a slightly different addition to our ecotours list as it isn’t a tour you can book, but rather it gives you the information you will need to complete this activity yourself. If you’re into hiking this itinerary could be the perfect eco-friendly activity to enjoy during your own Turkey Vacation. The hiking trail is 7.7km and takes around 5 hours to complete while showcasing the stunning Turkish countryside.

When considering your own trip to Turkey, you have multiple options and types of eco-friendly activities to choose from. Whether you book to stay at a sustainable farm stay during your Turkey vacation, or exploring the hiking and cycling trails throughout the stunning scenery, you can rest assured that your Turkey trip isn’t damaging the environment. Turkey has so much to offer and if you’re able to explore in an eco-friendly way, it’s a win-win. Are you ready to book your trip to Turkey?

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