How Electric Boats are Improving Sustainability Across the Travel Industry

How Electric Boats are Improving Sustainability Across the Travel Industry

What are electric boats?

Electric boats are a new alternative to water travel that aims to avoid environmental damage where possible. Generally, the larger the ship, the less eco friendly it is likely to be, but many of the best river cruises and companies are trying to improve themselves by becoming more sustainable. One major way they do this is by turning to electric powered boats instead of primarily oil based engines and offsetting their carbon footprints.  

What is the situation of development of electric boats?

More boats are being built with electric engines in mind which is gradually making the tourism and boating industries cleaner. Over time, this change to electric powered boats will help to keep the atmosphere a little cleaner which will allow future generations to enjoy the earth like we have been able to.

How sustainable are electric boats?

Electric powered boats are much more eco friendly than fossil fuel engines. They’re great because they use electricity instead of burning oil which is a much cleaner alternative. We can still get close to nature and travel along waterways like we did previously, except now we have the chance to do so without causing environmental damage with fumes or noise pollution. This change across the industry can make a huge positive impact on the environment for years to come.

How are electric boats used in travel?

Boats are used in many ways in the travel industry, for example, taking a passenger ferry to reach a destination, joining a sea life safari and the best river cruises to get close to nature or enjoying a vacation on a large cruise ship. The great thing about all of these options, is each one can still be enjoyed in the same exact way when changing to oil free and electric powered boats, but the environment will be slightly protected from further damage.

Need some inspiration for ecotours around the world? Below we have listed a few popular electric boat tours that fit our standards that you might enjoy in different regions of the globe. Check them out below:

Silent whale watching – Iceland

This eco-friendly tour company uses electric powered boats to silently take their visitors to watch whales in their natural habitat. Without a loud oil-based engine, they are able to get a little closer without causing any disruption to their natural way of life.

Berlin solar river cruise – Germany

This cruise takes you along the river in Berlin in a solar-powered catamaran. It’s quiet, runs on solar energy and shows you the city sights. To find out more, click here and look for the “solarcatamaran” tour. To book, click here.

Electric powered eco safaris – Botswana

With multiple electric boats in their fleet, this water-based safari tour takes you through the Botswana marshlands. This is one of the best river cruises that focuses on sustainability to see wild hippos, elephants and other African wildlife native to the area. 

Consider sustainable boat tours by researching the tour companies you choose to use. Stick to solar powered and electric boats for your tourism needs to do your part for the environment.

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