How are Sustainable Cars Used in the Travel Industry?

How are Sustainable Cars Used
in the Travel Industry?

What are sustainable cars?

Sustainable cars are those that pollute the air less than previous models while still running efficiently. Whether they are electric vehicles that run on batteries, or are created as a hybrid, the best eco friendly cars are those that do not solely run on fossil fuels. As time goes on, electric cars sustainability improves and in the future cars will be even more efficient than they are today. 

What is the situation of development of sustainable cars?

With so many companies making the move from traditional oil based vehicles to some of the best eco friendly cars on the market, the environment is better off for it. The majority of car manufacturers are getting involved to make each new model greener than the last. In the US alone, it is estimated that by 2050 the sale of electric and sustainable cars will go past 50% of all car sales. 

How sustainable are the best eco friendly cars?

When it comes to the best eco friendly cars on the market, the top 3 vehicles are as follows (As of April 2023): 

  • Toyota Prius Prime which is a plug-in hybrid model that receives 69/100 on the GreenerCar score.
  • Hyundai Ioniq which is another plug-in hybrid that gets 68/100 on the GreenerCar score.
  • Mini Cooper SE Hardtop is a fully electric vehicle that can travel up to 114 miles on a full charge and scores a 67 on the GreenerCar scale. 

Each of these electric cars’ sustainability ratings are currently sitting at the top of the charts and for good reason. Although these specific models are being used as everyday cars for ordinary people, they are also creeping into the travel and tourism industry too. Let me show you how.

How are sustainable cars used in the travel industry?

Sustainable cars are used in multiple ways across the travel industry. Some of these ways include being tourist transfers between airports and accommodations, being the official vehicle of a tour and of course rental vehicles for people to drive themselves around a travel destination. It’s no surprise that cars are used on most family vacations around the world so to do your part for the environment, why not consider some of the best eco friendly cars during your own trips? 

Below we have listed a few popular ecotours that use sustainable cars: 

Angkor electric car 

Explore Angkor Wat in some of the best eco friendly cars that run on electricity. You’ll get to explore one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world without damaging the environment.

New Zealand electric road trip

Travel around New Zealand’s south island in an eco friendly electric car and follow the planned road trip route that the guides create for you. This will allow you to see the sights without the stress of planning or polluting!

Twizy Electric safari Tenerife

Explore Tenerife in a small electric powered car to marvel at the local volcanic landscape and banana plantations in an eco friendly way. Enjoy this excursion with quiet battery powered engines.

These examples are just a few around the world that allow you to use vehicles without causing damage to the earth. With a little research, you’ll easily find similar ecotours also using electric and sustainable cars. So what are you waiting for?

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