Head in the Clouds: Best Hotels in the Sky
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Head in the Clouds: Best Hotels in the Sky

Keep your head in the clouds on your next dreamy vacation by staying in one of these stunning sky view hotels! Unwind and explore at these unique hotels in the sky, offering comfortable and sustainable accommodations at high altitude each with their own charm. Find the perfect destination for your upcoming adventure in the clouds now! 

Explora en Atacama, Chile

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind cloud hotel experience… this is it. The minimalist yet cozy Explora Lodge located just outside San Pedro de Atacama lies in the world’s highest altitude desert! After a short one hour and 15 minute drive or bus ride from El Loa Calama airport, you can soak in the unbelievable views of volcanoes and seemingly endless sand from one of the spa’s four pools.

If you’re fascinated by the stars and want to dive even deeper into the sky, then you absolutely need to check out the crystal clear views from the property’s private conservatory! You can truly unwind in the relaxing environment created by the Explora team knowing they honor the Chilean land.

They have been recognized as a  Carbon Neutral Company for ongoing work in emissions reduction and carbon off-setting projects, and became a certified B Corporation for their ethical social policies and procedures in 2021.

Visit Explora en Atacama for a unique and breath-taking vacation, and make memories that will last your entire lifetime. 
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Holzhotel Forsthofalm, Austria 

For an active escape from the city visit Holzhotel Forsthofalm, a beautiful sky view hotel sitting in the Austrian alps. A short hour and a half from the Salzburg airport, feel nature’s energy in this lodge built from 210,000 pieces of local moon wood and furnished with natural elements.

This stunning hotel in the sky is EU Eco Label certified, and the environment is respected in even the smallest touches. Recognized for their impressive passive design and construction where they managed to reduce energy consumption by 75%, Holzhotel Forsthofalm is a shining example of sustainable accommodations done right.

Ongoing environmental efforts tie in with the area’s best activities, with the chance to lounge in pools filled with filtered natural water and snack on delicious local meals after a long day of skiing and breathing fresh mountain air.

Stay at the Holzhotel for the perfect mountain-top wellness vacation. 
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Topas Ecolodge, Vietnam

An unexpected gem in the heart of Hoang Lien National Park, the Scandinavian-inspired Topas Ecolodge offers the perfect balance of comfort, nature, relaxation and adventure.

Embracing the simple luxury of the land and locals, staying in the cool stone bungalows at this hotel in the sky feels like a dream. Explore the mountains, lounge in the adults-only spa area, immerse yourself in local culture, sample amazing cuisine, and more at this unique cloud hotel.

Nominated multiple times as the world’s best ecolodge, Topas also participates in the UN Global Compact program. This keeps the business accountable to specific social, environmental and educational standards that align with the hotel’s already robust sustainability policies.

Enjoy breath-taking views on clear days and feel immersed in the clouds on others, all the while staying grounded in the beauty of Topas Ecolodge. You are sure to experience something new in this special landscape. 

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Whether you enjoy relaxing at the hotel spa or booking rugged excursions, the fresh mountain air and starry night skies create the perfect backdrop for a memorable trip. Escape the ordinary on your next vacation by visiting one of these magical hotels in the sky.

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