Green Globe Certification –Ensuring Sustainable Travel
Sustainable Accreditation

Green Globe Certification
–Ensuring Sustainable Travel

The Green Globe Certification is consistently holding travel businesses to the highest international standards for sustainable travel. This is in large part due to the increasing demand by travelers to have authentic travel experiences that protect both the environment and the local population. 

Unfortunately, greenwashing has inevitably grown right alongside traveler’s demand for eco-friendly accommodations. As travelers, one way to combat this problem is to become familiarized with leading sustainable certificates, such as Green Globe. 

What is Green Globe?

Green Globe is a global environmental and social sustainability certification company with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Since 1992, Green Globe has grown to be a leading certification company whose mission is to transform the travel industry. They are responsible for certifying hotels and resorts, conference centers, cruise ships, attractions, and more in over 80 countries worldwide. They focus on maximizing the economic impact of these travel companies while minimizing the social impact through investments in community development, local employment, and fair trade. 

The standards in which Green Globe delivers certification are based on the highest criteria in the world: The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Green Globe’s standards are GSTC-Recognized for hotels which means that the 385 indicators and 44 different criteria used to assess a travel business are aligned with GSTC standards for sustainable hotels and resorts. 

How does Green Globe Certification Work?

In order to get a Green Globe Certification, an accommodation must apply and then undergo a structured assessment of their sustainability performance as well as their supply chain partners. Of all the indicators and criteria, the majority fall under four main themes: sustainable management, environmental, social economic, and cultural heritage. The Green Globe team will collect documents and evidence from the company before a third party audits the property and employees against this evidence. Having the inspection performed by a third party creates more layers of transparency and credibility in the certification process. 

Assuming a company satisfies the criteria, they will then be awarded Certified Member status. In order to maintain this status, members must complete independent and mandatory onsite audits every other year and maintain more than 50% of the criteria annually. Once a member has remained certified for five consecutive years and has demonstrated ongoing effort toward sustainability, they are awarded Gold Status. The same goes for members who reach platinum status after ten years. 

How can I find Green Globe hotels and resorts?

Green Globe makes it extremely easy to find its members on its website. Simply click on the geographical location you wish to travel to and a complete list of Green Globe certified hotels and resorts will appear. Many of the names will be instantly recognizable such as Club Med, InterContinental, and Hyatt Place. 

Additionally, all Green Globe Certified travel businesses are allowed to use the Green Globe label on their websites and other various forms of media. As a traveler, this logo on their site immediately communicates the accommodation’s strategies and efforts toward meaningful sustainability.

As travelers, the biggest impact we can make toward sustainable travel is by choosing accommodations and experiences that are dedicated to pursuing green practices. With certifications such as Green Globe, Earth Check, Green Key, and Bureau Veritas, travelers can trust their adventures are some of the most sustainable in the world. 

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