Green Festival and an Award to Encourage Sustainability

Green Festival and an Award
to Encourage Sustainability

A green festival is not one type of festival but instead any festival that is environmentally conscious. A festival can cover a range of event topics from food, music or traditional events. However, many of those rated as the “best festival” are not always eco-conscious. 

That’s where the rise in the green festival comes in. They’re otherwise “regular” events that are taking a stand to improve their carbon footprint without cutting down on the fun of the event. Many of the best festivals in the world are making moves towards being more green!

So how are festivals awarded for their eco-friendly contributions?

Well, that’s where the AGF comes in!

What is the AGF?

The AGF stands for “A Greener Future” and they’re an organisation that awards each green festival for being eco-friendly events. The International AGF Awards is an annual ceremony that made its first debut in 2019, that takes place awarding festivals and events throughout summer and beyond with the highest honour in sustainability. They cover 9 award categories including:

Green Transport Award

Given to the events that minimise their carbon footprint with regard to their transportation and event set-ups.

Greener Catering Award

Awarded to the green festival that avoids food and water waste in every way they can.

Greener Power Award

Awarded to the best festivals in the world that can successfully use efficient energy sources that have made minimal impact on the environment.

Community Action Award

Given to the best festival that understands community inclusion and marketing tactics that can benefit the event visitors long after the festival is over.

Circular festival Award

Given to events that have a disposal plan for everything they use for the event with as minimal waste as possible. Reusable items and full transparency on where everything comes from and leaves to.

Greener Creative Award

Awarded to the green festival that can set up an amazing and exciting event in an ethical way that has the lowest damaging effect on the local environment. 

AGF Water & Sanitation Award

Awarded to the best festival to have full control over their sanitation plan. Minimising the chemicals used in their bathrooms and biological processes that could cause harm to the local community. 

Greener Innovation Award

Given to the person, event or organisation that stands out the most in the eyes of eco-friendly practices when compared to all nominations in the line-up for the year.

Pied Piper Award  

Given to the event with a PR team that can share and encourage greener living and environmentally friendly actions to their followers that actively results in changed behaviours. 

If you enjoy attending events and want to do your part for the Earth while also having the best festival experience, you can check the list of current and past winners of the AGF Award and see which festivals grab your interest. By seeing which events have already won due to their sustainability plans, you’ll be able to have some fun while knowing your choice has a minimal impact on the environment. 

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