Great Options For Edible Eco Friendly Tableware And Utensils
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Great Options For Edible Eco Friendly Tableware And Utensils

Did you know that edible tableware and utensils exist? Well, they do, and they are an amazing way to live a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle. The trend of edible eco friendly cutlery is on the rise, and companies are quickly realizing that edible tableware options are in high demand. Up to 20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year, and using these biodegradable and edible options will help to decrease that number. These are some options for edible eco friendly tableware and utensils available now. 

But first, here are a few reasons that you should consider using edible eco friendly tableware.  These types of eco friendly cutlery are biodegradable and limit the amount of plastics ending up in landfills and oceans. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if we continue our current single use plastic practices. Edible eco friendly tableware and utensils also cut down on CO2 emissions in both production and consumption. Not only is edible eco friendly cutlery functional, it’s also delicious, but don’t worry, the taste won’t overpower your food. These companies have some wonderful options for eco friendly tableware, utensils and edible straws.

1. Bakey’s – India 

Credit: Bakey’s

This edible eco friendly cutlery, produced by Bakey’s, is made of millet, rice, and wheat flour and was developed in 2010 making it the first of its kind. It’s estimated that India discards a staggering 120 billion pieces of disposable plastic utensils each year. But that’s not the only reason to use edible eco friendly cutlery, as it has also been shown that plastics used in utensils often leach into your food. Bakey’s has 3 different flavor options including plain, sweet, and spicy.

2. Edible Pro – India 

Credit: Edible Pro

Edible Pro, where you can have your plate and eat it too! This edible eco friendly tableware and utensil company produces zero waste, and their products are all completely biodegradable. Edible Pro’s products help with water conservation efforts as well. The company offers a variety of options made of hygienic and healthy grains, pulses, and millets, as well as several flavors including sweet, mild, and spicy.

Edible Pro eco friendly tableware includes edible bowls, and a brand new addition of beverage cups. These cups are innovatively designed with coffee and tea drinkers in mind and are made of a crunchy cookie material. The company also offers eco friendly cutlery including savory spoons that are the perfect compliment to your food. You can find out more and purchase Edible Pro goods here

3. Sorbos – Spain

Credit: Sorbos

Sorbos believes that a small gesture such as using an edible straw can make a huge impact on the planet. Sorbos straws are 100% biodegradable, plastic free, and deliciously flavored. They have a wide variety of flavor options including lime, cinnamon, ginger, chocolate, apple, lemon, neutral and strawberry.

The idea is that the Sorbos edible straw will not compete with your drink, but instead complement and enhance your drink’s flavor. They’ve started an eco-tasting movement with the manifesto of making a commitment to the planet through small gestures that have strong impacts. You can find out more about eco-tasting and purchase Sorbos edible straws here

The use of eco friendly tableware and cutlery is a simple way to live more sustainably while actively contributing to a positive impact on the planet and oceans. You can search for edible tableware, cutlery and straws on Amazon, as well as ordering directly from the companies. Join the efforts to save the planet’s oceans by using eco friendly tableware, cutlery and edible straws!

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