Finland Tourism and its Mission to Outrank the Most Sustainable Countries
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Finland Tourism and its Mission to Outrank the Most Sustainable Countries

Finland is one of the most sustainable countries worldwide. Their goal is to be a country that receives visitors who care for the environment. They’re always finding new ways to grow sustainably so that the landscape of their beautiful country can be enjoyed for many years to come, while also attracting mindful visitors that can help boost their economy. By focusing much of its research on what works for the most sustainable countries, Finland has been able to pave the way and increase new visitors who only want eco-friendly trips themselves.

How is Finland winning as one of the world’s most eco friendly countries? 

In 2021 and 2022, Finland was ranked number one of the most eco friendly countries aiming for sustainable development by 2030 with the European Commission. But how are they doing it exactly? Not only are they helping local businesses and enterprises in Finland grow in an eco-friendly fashion but they also created the Sustainable Finland Sustainable Finland Pledge and the Sustainable Travel Finland Programme (known as the STF).

In all new projects and developments for Finland tourism, you’ll find that sustainability is always one of the most important features leaders focus on. This is a recurring theme that Finland tourism takes very seriously and has clearly worked this far. By maintaining this momentum within the industry, they’ll stay at the top of the list of most eco friendly countries and might even inspire more nations to follow suit. Besides, there are many benefits to sustainable travel.

Here are some examples of sustainable Finland tourism tours.

Northern Lights tour (Rovaniemi)

It’s no surprise that Finland is one of the most sustainable countries to see the northern lights and you can have an eco friendly trip right here in Finnish Lapland. They’re a natural phenomenon and the tour guides avoid mass tourism by only taking small groups and limiting light pollution. You can book your winter trip here.

Want to go on more than one northern lights tour? We’ve included a few more of our favourites here.

Helsinki-Turku by bike tour

Operated by Lomatka, this sustainable tour through Finland lets you see multiple destinations in 8 days. Working in close partnership with “Visit Finland” this tour company provides eco friendly tours throughout the country. Riding a bike means you don’t have to worry about exhaust fumes or carbon emissions! You can enquire about the tour on their website.

Wilderness Week tour (Basecamp Oulanka)

This ecotour is added to our list due to being carbon neutral! On this trip you’ll get to enjoy a winter experience with an experienced guide in the heart of Oulanka National Park. You’ll get to witness Finnish wildlife and stunning scenery for 8 whole days all without compromising the environment. You can enquire about your trip here.

It’s no surprise that Finland has many ways of attracting visitors, and luckily for them, the Finland tourism industry is thriving year-round. Due to their increased focus on sustainability, more people want to visit Finland as one of the most eco friendly countries and are opting for the most sustainable activities and unique accommodations. Why not check out the options above or look for your own responsible tour options from nations on the list of most sustainable countries around the world?

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