Farm to Table Restaurants and the Platforms that Help Them
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Farm to Table Restaurants
and the Platforms that Help Them

Farm to table restaurants are paving the way to do their part in helping the environment. In the food industry there’s a lot of wastage and it’s known that certain meats (beef specifically) play a huge part in global warming due to the high levels of CO2 emissions. Also when food has to travel too far to reach its final destination, it uses a lot of fuel to deliver it all that way. That’s where farm to table dinners and restaurants came into play. We needed a way to lower emissions while still giving customers a fantastic food-based experience with eco friendly restaurants.

What are farm to table restaurants and why are they sustainable?

The main reasons that farm to table dinners are so successful is because the food is grown organically in the local area to where it will be sold. This is beneficial because it means the food doesn’t need to be exported or travel long distances to reach the eco friendly restaurants meaning it’s fresher when it reaches the customer. Not only that, but being grown locally means the money for purchase stays within the local economy instead of being sent many miles away from the farms.

But where do you find these sustainable farm to table restaurants and solutions in a world full of eating establishments? Let’s look at the platforms that connect directly to the eco friendly restaurants or to the consumers who like to eat – cutting out the restaurant middle man.

Farmizen – India

Farmizen is an online subscription platform that connects direct consumers (both customers and farm to table restaurants) with the farms the grow the food in order to speed up the food delivery process and allow farmers to predict their revenue for each season. 

Farm to Table – Across UK

Farm to Table is an online retailer providing food from farms direct to both consumers and trade customers such as restaurants. The entire website is an online catalogue of specific foods and makes it really easy to select what you’d like to order to be delivered to your home or to your business straight from the producers.

Deliveristo – Milan, Italy

This digital platform allows eco friendly restaurants to order ingredients and food for their farm to table dinners directly from the farmers that produce them. It’s one of the largest marketplaces for connecting farm to table restaurants with the local farmers that produce the items they need.

Food Tank – Arizona, USA

This app connects growers, chefs and those who eat in connection with each other to streamline the food order and delivery process. They are the stepping stones of connection between rural farming communities and the people who consume the food – all from a cell phone. 

There are plenty of ways that these and other platforms helping to create farm to table dinners can help prevent food wastage while also increasing the quality of the food at final destination. By shortening delivery time between production and consumption, the overall experience had by visitors of farm to table restaurants is top tier. 

So, next time you’re craving a hearty meal that also benefits the environment, consider eco friendly restaurants for a change!

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