Exploring Green Destinations: A Sustainable Journey to Remarkable Vacation Spots
Sustainable Accreditation

Exploring Green Destinations:
A Sustainable Journey
to Remarkable Vacation Spots

In an era where environmental consciousness is gaining momentum, travelers are increasingly seeking the best holiday destinations that prioritize sustainability. Green Destinations, a prominent sustainable certificate, has become a trusted resource for environmentally conscious tourists. Established in 2014 by Albert Salman, Green Destinations is now the world’s leading organization for destination assessment, benchmarking, and certification, with 50 representatives supporting 200 destinations. Its headquarter is in Leiden, the Netherlands. 

What is a Green Destination?

Green Destinations is a certification program that recognizes and promotes sustainable practices in the tourism industry. It aims to identify vacation spots that prioritize environmental conservation, support local communities, and enhance visitors’ well-being. These certified destinations go beyond mere eco-friendly initiatives and work towards comprehensive sustainability in various aspects, including waste management, energy efficiency, biodiversity conservation, and cultural preservation.

How are Green Destinations Chosen?

The selection process for Green Destinations certification is rigorous and thorough. It involves a systematic evaluation of various sustainability criteria, such as destination management, nature conservation, cultural heritage preservation, social responsibility, and climate action. Local communities, governments, tourism organizations, and other stakeholders collaborate to provide data and evidence of their sustainable practices. An independent panel of experts then reviews the information and assigns a score based on a standardized assessment framework. Only destinations that meet the required criteria are awarded the Green Destinations certificate.

Organizing Sustainable Travel with Green Destinations

As travelers, we can utilize the Green Destinations certification to plan our own sustainable journeys. By choosing certified vacation spots, we contribute to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of local communities. The Green Destinations website serves as a valuable resource, allowing us to search for and explore destinations that have received the certification. It provides detailed information about the sustainability initiatives undertaken by each certified destination, helping us make informed choices.

Additionally, Green Destinations offers a variety of tools and resources for travelers. These include sustainability guidelines, tips for responsible travel, and suggestions for eco-friendly activities at certified destinations. By following these recommendations, we can ensure that our travel experiences align with sustainable principles and contribute positively to the places we visit.

Examples of Green Destinations

Several vacation spots around the world have earned the prestigious Green Destinations certification. 


Peru, known for its abundant biodiversity and commitment to conservation, has multiple certified destinations. The country’s efforts to protect its natural heritage have made it a top choice for eco-tourism enthusiasts.


Another notable example is Slovenia, which has received recognition for its sustainable tourism practices. From its pristine lakes to its protected natural parks, Slovenia offers a range of green destinations that allow travelers to explore its stunning landscapes while minimizing their environmental impact. 

You can visit this page on the official Green Destinations website and explore the full collection of destinations that have received the certification. 

Green Destinations serve as a valuable resource for travelers seeking sustainable vacation spots and the best places to travel. By choosing certified destinations, we can ensure that our travel experiences align with our environmental values and support local communities. Through their rigorous selection process, Green Destinations certifies destinations that prioritize sustainability in various aspects. So, let’s embrace the opportunity to discover the world’s best holiday destinations while leaving a positive and lasting impact on the planet.

For more information about eco-friendly destinations, also check out the hotels and travel companies that have committed to the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge’s ideals. To learn more about the topic and find the best places to travel, we recommend reading our article, The Importance Of The UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge.

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