Experience a Traditional Tea Tour in Asia
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Experience a Traditional Tea Tour in Asia

Tea has been a staple in many cultures across the Asian continent. In some places it has been produced and drunk since as far back as the 1600’s. For hundreds of years each tea field has been able to grow the various tea leaves which has allowed a steady production of this much loved beverage. Fast forward to the modern day, travelers have started to add a tea tour to their Asian travel itineraries which allow them to fully immerse themselves into a type of travel tea experience. But what exactly does a tea tour look like and include?

When you embark on a tea tour, you’ll almost guarantee to be shown around a tea field or two. This is the first step in growing the tea leaves. Next, you’ll likely be shown how the tea leaves are collected from the tea field before being taken to the production area. Unlike many other plants, tea leaves don’t typically need to be processed much after collection. They’re almost ready to be used to make drinkable tea straight away! The next step of a typical tea travel experience is to receive some leaves in a small porcelain cup from the farmers who grew them, before pouring boiling water on top to release the much loved tea flavor. 


Located in Ureshino City you’ll find opportunities to visit a tea field, tea production plant and enjoy travel tea experiences that include tasting and smelling Japanese Green tea. This is the origin of Japan’s green tea and is what Ureshino is known for worldwide. Plus, you’ll also be able to visit the much-loved Tea Exchange Museum which teaches you even more about the tea tour and production process. Book here.


China is another huge player in the travel tea world and the country has plenty of tea tour opportunities for travelers to enjoy. This tour heads out to Yunnan County which is the birthplace of Puer Tea which is a well known beverage in the country. On the tea tour you’ll stop by a tea field or two, learn how Chinese farmers grow and produce the leaves and then be shown how to grind them into almost a powder. Book here.


One of the oldest tea regions worldwide, Mộc Châu in Vietnam offers a tea tour for travelers who want to learn about this old traditional experience. Instead of growing in a tea field, here you’ll see tea trees scattered through the green valleys while enjoying traditional travel tea events and learning about how the Vietnamese locals process their tea. Book here

Although Asia is not the only region in the world that produces and loves drinking tea, it’s certainly one of the continents with a lot of tea tour opportunities for travelers to enjoy. With no two types of tea tasting or smelling the same, there are endless experiences you can participate in while learning about the traditional methods of production. Tea tourism educates people on the process and allows regions to receive money to put back into the tea industry which makes this a sustainable travel experience. Which country will you go to to learn about tea?

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