Enjoying a Sustainable Tourist Train for Your Next Trip
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Enjoying a Sustainable Tourist Train
for Your Next Trip

Train travel is one of the oldest methods of transportation and now they’re being repurposed into a more green and entertaining fashion. Many companies are now offering tourist trains instead of the traditional type you might think of. A tourist train is one with the purpose of being an event in itself, without being a mode of transport from one place to another. They often depart and arrive at the same place and offer entertainment to travellers on a novelty basis. Sightseeing train rides and luxury train rides can include museums, murder mystery events, dining experiences and themed carriages.

How popular are tourist train rides?

Since the end of the pandemic has opened most travel and tourism activities again, the search volume for tourist train experiences has jumped up. Now, people are not just interested in luxury train rides anymore. People are taking much more notice of the effect their tourist activities have on the environment so they are looking for sustainable options more than ever.

How can sightseeing train rides be sustainable?

As with anything sustainable, they would need to be conscious of their effect on the local environment and would need to adopt habits that don’t cause damage. Many luxury train rides that have become more eco-friendly have done so by lowering their emissions, their plastic and paper usage and even swapping for more environmentally safe fuels to run the trains.

Are you interested in taking a sustainable tourist train ride? Take a look at some of the options below we have found around the world.

Here are 3 of our top recommendations for sustainable sightseeing train rides:

Rocky Mountaineer

Arguably one of the best sightseeing train rides around the world connects Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains. What’s great about this train company is they have partnered with research projects that are exploring alternative fuel methods and they’re also on target to cut their single plastic use by over 90%. Click here to book your trip.

Orient Express

This is likely the most famous of the luxury train rides around the world transporting you through 1920’s Italy. They’ve made a lot of changes since closing during the pandemic including exploring hydrogen power and joining the slow travel movement. Click here for more information. They don’t have any vacancies for this year but you can pre-register your interest for a 2024 journey here.

Byron’s Solar-Powered Train 

This is the first of hopefully more to come of sightseeing train rides that are powered strictly by solar energy! This tourist train takes you 10 minutes one way from North Beach Station in Byron Bay, Australia to the local town centre. Its interior is first class quality with a vintage feel and is just as glamorous as other famous trains – but instead with net carbon positive travel made possible. Click here to book. 

As you can see, there are multiple train journeys offered to tourists that allow you to see the best nature can offer, while experiencing luxury train rides without damaging the environment. More and more travelers are paying close attention to sustainable travel and want to do their bit, but they don’t want to give up a fun and unique experience in the process. By paying attention to the various ways that train companies are becoming sustainable, you too, can find the most suitable eco-friendly train journey for your next trip. Look for Green Awards that are showcased by proud tour companies.

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