Educational Travel and the Various Experiences to be Had
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Educational Travel and
the Various Experiences to be Had

For those not familiar with educational travel, its a specific travel type where the primary goal of the trip is to learn something while also bringing attention to a culture worldwide. However, educational tourism isn’t just aimed at students. It can appeal to anyone who has a specific goal in mind and wants to gain some knowledge on a specific topic or destination. These educational trips come in various styles and there is something suitable for almost everyone. 

What is education tourism? 

The sole purpose of educational travel is to educate oneself about a particular culture or destination. This can happen in a number of ways, and usually, just simply being in a new place will allow you to learn more about the country than you may have known before. But what exactly do people learn about during these educational trips? The truth is, there is a multitude of things you could learn about. Whether it be discovering new information about a specific culture, understanding a countries’ history, or taking on an unfamiliar yet traditional skill, there are multiple types of educational travel for people to enjoy. 

But how can one experience a trip like this? 

It’s simple. There are many tour companies that focus on education tourism that offer these experiences and educational trips for their customers. Let’s take a look at some below:

Anglo Educational

This London based tour company focuses their efforts on educational travel aimed at students and those looking to improve their expertise surrounding their degree studies. This tour platform offers experiences in a handful of European countries including an Art History course in Italy, Diversity Day and a Construction Science course in the United Kingdom. 

Homestays of India

This tour company aims to connect travelers with immersive homestays all across India. These homestays are a fantastic example of education tourism because instead of putting guests in a hotel environment surrounded by other travelers, they get to spend their time living with locals and exchange information about the destination at hand, from those who know it best. This allows you to get a first hand insight into the local culture and lifestyle.

Nancy Covey’s festival Tours

This small tour company takes their guests to cultural music festivals around the USA (for example jazz tours in Louisiana) and gives them a deep-dive understanding of each respective destination. They offer only a small selection of educational trips at a time which depend on the time of year and they’re a great way to build an understanding around how each music style was influenced by the local culture. These festival tours are a fun and unique way to learn about different music traditions.

These companies are just the tip of the iceberg for educational travel as there are many more categories regularly explored. Historical exploration, environmental understanding, traditional crafts and even opportunities to simply speak with those within a local community who want to educate visitors and travelers with their educational tourism. If you have an interest in a particular part of the world and wish to learn about it, consider taking educational trips to gain that knowledge.

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