Ecotours That Can Contribute to Polar Bear Conservation
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Ecotours that Can Contribute to Polar Bear Conservation

Polar Bears have become the poster child for the impacts of climate change over recent years with global warming and melting ice caps. Now more than ever is it important to protect polar bears in their native habitats. Since polar bears live in many icy areas and are also popular tourist destinations, polar bear tours that aid in conservation is popular attractions. If you’re looking to travel to the other side of the globe, here are some fun ideas about Antarctica.

Churchill Polar Bear Adventure

Explore Polar Bear Tours with Churchill Polar Bear Adventure. This 6 or 7-day tour takes place in Manitoba, Canada, and is focused on Polar Bear Conservation as well as an adventure as you explore the area and wildlife.

Throughout the trip, you will explore the towns of Winnipeg and Churchill before you take custom-built Polar Rovers to seek out Polar Bears in the wild. These polar rovers are built to survive the arctic and offer perfect views for the Polar Bears in their natural habitat. As you further explore the tundra on your trip, you’ll be able to spend time with a local musher and his sled dogs.

Natural Habitat Adventures leads the tour and is committed to carbon-neutral travel, zero-waste adventures, and partnering with World Wildlife Fund to conserve nature.

You can book this Polar Bear Adventure knowing you will protect polar bears on your journey. The funds you use to pay for your trip will then be used by the company to invest in its sustainable ventures.

Frontiers North Adventures

Frontiers North Adventures is a Polar Bear Tour company that is located in Churchill, Canada. This company offers both Tundra Buggy Day Tours and longer multi-day packages that might even include a glimpse at the belugas! Whether you choose to visit during the summer or the winter, Frontiers North America has the perfect trip for you.

The company also has a strong focus on environmental practices and sustainability, going so far as limiting their own business growth in order to have a sustainable tourism product to protect the areas they travel. In addition, they started Churchill’s first recycling program and aim for zero plastic bottles.

In addition to being encouraged to participate in these programs such as recycling and using reusable bottles during your trip. Lastly, the funds from your trip will help the company continue its sustainable practices.

Canada Polar Bears

Canada Polar Bears offers three different experiences ranging from tundra buggy tours to polar bear & grizzly tours and summer polar bear tours. Most of these amazing trips range from six to eight days and visit several cities, starting from Winnipeg or Vancouver. On any trip, you’ll make your way up north to Churchill to see the remote wilderness.

The best part about booking a trip with Canada Polar Bears is that everything is arranged for you and all you have to do is join the trip. This tour group makes sure to protect the animals in all areas they travel to and partake in several awareness-building campaigns on social media. 

Guests on the trip will learn how to respect animals in their natural habitat with the help of tour guides and learn about the sustainability of the region.

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Ecotours for Polar Bears are the perfect opportunity for a unique vacation while viewing beautiful wildlife in the tundra. Joining one of these tour companies is the best way to have a stress-free vacation with everything all planned out for you ahead of time. You can take a vacation with confidence knowing that polar bear conservation is the focus of the companies!

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