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Ecotours for Your Next Vacation in Africa

A vacation in Africa offers options to fit anyone’s interests, but with concerns surrounding animal welfare and the impact on the environment, ecotours are critical for a responsible trip in this part of the world. An ecotour offers a responsible way to travel around a country, and uses a local guide as part of the trip.

Ecotours aim to conserve the environment, and usually involve elements of education and cultural immersion during the tour. Whether you are hoping to spot the Big Five on safari or are looking to immerse yourself in nature during your trip, there’s an ecotour to fit your needs in Africa. Today we’ve selected a few of our favorite ecotour options in Africa, all of which offer a certified tour to witness some of the world’s most incredible animals.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Trot Africa Eco-Safaris offer custom-made and group tours across Africa, including to Rwanda. Rwanda gorilla tours are one of the most common reasons for visitors coming to this part of the world, but you’ll find the country has so much more to offer. Trot Africa Eco-Safaris are Travelife certified, and you’ll stay in ecolodges and hotels which are certified by The International Ecotourism Association.

It is recommended to see Lake Kivu and Volcanoes National Park on your trip to Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park runs along the border of Uganda and DRC and is home to five volcanoes. While the volcanoes are an incredible sight, most people visit here to see the mountain gorillas during their vacation. All of Trot Africa’s ecotours aim to enhance your understanding of the environment, and contribute to environmental research or conservation. You’ll enjoy an authentic experience, while embracing sustainable tourism.

Ecotour of National Parks in South Africa

When considering ecotours in South Africa, you’ll want to take a look at this incredible 22-day Africa safari trip with Tales From Africa. During a tour of this length, you’ll be able to meet the Big Five while also witnessing the country’s beautiful beaches and staying in ecolodges throughout your journey. Tales From Africa are certified by Travelife, and this Africa vacation meets the standards of a Fair Trade Holiday. All of their tours work to only impact the environment in a positive manner and to help maintain the land for future generations. You’ll enjoy unique experiences which will allow you to travel sustainably while immersing yourself in the beauty of South Africa.

Highlights of this trip include visiting the Marakele National Park, where you can explore the area on foot surrounded by the Waterberg Mountains. You’ll also quickly head into Botswana for a few days, where you can witness elephants in the Northern Thuli game reserve. Of course, no trip to South Africa would be complete without spending time in Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s most famous areas for spotting wildlife. Tales From Africa’s tours aim to help maintain the environment and allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and communities.

Elephant Spotting in Botswana

Abang Africa Travel can offer you a personalized ecotour of Botswana, where you’ll witness the magnificent elephants that call this part of the world home. They were the world’s first inbound tour operator to become a Travelife certified company, and can create tailor-made ecotours which all offer a light carbon footprint. Chobe National Park is the best place to spot elephants in Botswana and is a highlight of most ecotours. You’ll also see lions, wildebeest, cape buffalo, and many more creatures in this area.

The Okavango Delta is another must-see location in Botswana but can be incredibly costly to visit. Abang Africa Travel can assist you by offering different options for your vacation in Africa, such as a houseboat on an island within the delta. Alternatively, you could take a trip to one of the smaller rivers in the area on a mokoro during their ecotours. You’ll enjoy an adventure of a lifetime while traveling with a company that strive to be 100% carbon neutral. They also share up to 10% of their profits with local communities and initiatives in Africa. Each year, the team at Abang plant trees in Cape Town to offset their carbon footprint. They are also a Fair Trade Tourism certified company, who work to offer responsible ecotours everywhere they visit.

All three of these tours would make for an exciting Africa vacation, and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing you’ve booked a certified ecotour in this part of the world. While you will love seeing the creatures this continent is so famous for, you can also rest assured you aren’t damaging the land they call home.

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