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Ecolodge Recommended
for Backpackers in Kenya

Often, when people think of travel, traditional tourism and accommodation options can come to mind. There are so many varying forms of travel in the current day. Travelling sustainably can be done in many different forms.

Sustainable travel options, such as backpacking, are becoming more and more commonplace. As sustainable travelling is gaining in popularity, so does sustainable accommodation. Accommodation such as the ecolodge are a popular selection for all travellers, especially those that hold sustainability as a priority.

In recent years, Kenya has been consistently ranked among the top sustainable destinations for ecotourism. The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) defines as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.”  Kenya is known for promoting responsible tourism practices within the travel and tourism industry.

Kenya, with its friendly people, abundance of nature and amazing views, and is often considered a luxury eco destination. Kenya may surprise you as a destination for backpackers. However, Kenya is touted as the best backpacking destination in the African continent with some really amazing ecolodges on offer!

As backpackers are generally working within a smaller budget, the affordability of activities and other travel necessities such as food and beverage, as well as the proximity of nature activities, make Kenya ideal for backpackers. 

Ecolodges can range from affordable to high end luxury in the country, which can make it quite difficult when one is searching for reasonably-priced eco certified accommodation suitable for the backpackers budget and travel style.

Distant Relatives ecolodge and backpackers accommodation in Kenya is a relatively new ecolodge located nearby Kilifi Creek and Fumbini with beautiful ocean views and the possibility for mingling with the local community. This owner-managed ecolodge was founded in 2010 and is run by two gentlemen with a combined education and expertise in the fields of Marine Biology, Community Development and Natural Resource Management.

Touting a Bronze level ecorating from Ecotourism Kenya, the Distant Relatives ecolodge sees itself as a model for ‘environmentally and socially conscious living’. With 5 levels of accommodation ranging from one’s own private banda to camping and communal dormitories, backpackers across all budgets and with varying comfort levels, have the option to find the accommodation type which suits them best.


The range of available activities are such that everyone will be able to find something they would like to do. Sailing, sunsets and dinners as well as village visits, scuba, and eco trekking tours are possible through the ecolodge.

As the ecolodge is also set up in a way that people are able to socialise with other guests, especially in the dormitories available, there are always possibilities for making new friends and enjoying the time inside the ecolodge as well. The communal atmosphere at the ecolodge is not something that is easily found elsewhere.


Safari is also a possibility. According to the ecolodge website, they invested much time and energy searching for the perfect person with experience, reliability and the attributes that the owners were searching for. They finally found the ideal partner for running the safari’s and the contact and information form for contacting him can be found by clicking here.

Have you travelled as a backpacker, in a sustainable way? Whether you are backpacking or enjoying slow travel or luxury sustainability, all are welcome at the Distant Relatives ecolodge in Kenya.

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