– The new booking platform that makes sustainable travel easy
Eco Hotel / Eco Lodge – The New Booking Platform that Makes Sustainable Travel Easy is an innovative booking platform where travelers can find. More than 20,000 sustainably certified hotels throughout 150 countries. was founded in Copenhagen in April 2020 as an alternative booking site focusing on true sustainability, fair principles, and low commissions. This sustainable Danish company mainly accepts hotels with certifications that meet the standards for sustainable travel of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) for its portfolio.

However, their commitment goes far beyond that – is actively involved in environmental protection. For every booking made, one tree is planted to increase forestation. Furthermore, 5% of total profits are donated to international organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability, such as Plastic Exchange in Bali.

Ecological, Sustainable, and Social Travel

Conscious travel is a global trend in tourism and reflects a new environmental awareness. More and more travelers are considering social and ecological sustainability when selecting a hotel, but not every hotel marketed as green is committed to a better future for the environment. Travelers who focus on making their trips more sustainable and want to find suitable accommodation must often do a lot of research. Even then, it can be challenging to fully understand the green commitment of the accommodations. This is now different, thanks to

Transparency is a key

The booking platform has specialized in only including partners with internationally recognized seals of quality and environmental certificates in its extensive range to include. More expressly, mainly accepts hotels with certifications that meet the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) standards for sustainable travel. GSTC is the most recognized global association for sustainable travel and tourism and represents international environmental labels such as Green Globe and Green Key.

Sustainable living should be easy to integrate into everyday life

“Sustainable living should be easy to integrate into everyday life, and conscious travel must not fail because the research is too time-consuming.”, says CEO Patricia Plesner. sees itself as a responsible and sustainable alternative to the large and dominant online travel agencies (OTAs). A small team of experts has been working on implementing the vision of a green booking platform for the last year, and customers can now easily find their favorite green hotels using an easy-to-use search engine. They can also rest in the knowledge that all sustainability criteria have already been checked in advance. All they have to do is press the booking button, and the journey can start. 

Conscious travel is much more than a trend

“Conscious travel is much more than a trend; it is the future of tourism. For us, sustainable travel means balancing use and natural limits through long-term planning. This includes both environmental protection and the preservation of local culture and improves the social balance in the region.”, says Patricia. Born in Denmark, Patricia Plesner (25), CEO of the ambitious start-up, completed a master’s degree in international management from the Copenhagen Business School. She belongs to a generation that has learned from childhood to focus on everyday-sustainability. “I have always traveled a lot with my family. That awakened my passion for travel, but at the same time made me aware of the extremely critical sides of tourism worldwide, because conventional package tourism has many negative effects on local people and our environment, which is worth protecting.”, Patricia explains. Her love of travel and her well-founded knowledge about sustainability gave rise to the idea of ​​

Sustainably designed tourism does not restrict the desire to travel – on the contrary

With Patricia’s team of marketing experts, developers, and sustainability-oriented strategists, she strives to contribute to bringing conscious travel into focus and making it tangible: “With our concept, we are trying to counteract the unhealthy and exploitative conditions in the tourism industry. Therefore, we need to provide a good and sustainable platform for both hotel operators and travelers. Sustainably designed tourism does not restrict the desire to travel, but enables more conscious and at the same time eventful stays, in harmony with nature and local conditions.”, says Patricia. She elaborated, “We do not want to teach or preach; we just want to inform and get people excited about sustainable travel and make it easier for them to access it.” plants one tree for every booking

Every time you book a sustainable hotel through, they plant a tree in your honor to increase reforestation and eco-diversity. In Denmark alone, 25,000 trees have been planted to date. Because the innovative company is also committed to plastic waste disposal, it has entered a partnership with “Plastic Exchange” in Bali – an organization that cleans the Indonesian island by exchanging plastic for rice. As a result, 50,000 kg of plastic have now been collected, and the corresponding 55,000 kg of rice have been distributed to local people. “We only take 10% of the commissions from the hotels and give something back to nature through our tree planting program and our partnership with Plastic Exchange Bali,” says the young manager of the company. 

Booking platform with added value

A steadily growing travel community network complements the portfolio of accommodation. Tips and experiences can be exchanged directly with like-minded travelers via the homepage. Soon, forums on a wide variety of topics (sustainability, vegan travel, etc.) will also be created to receive mutual support and to build a solid online community for mindful travels. “For travel to remain possible for generations to come, we must all do our part to reverse climate damage and protect the planet that we call our home. We believe that sustainable travel is the future, and we want to help travelers make responsible choices by booking their stay with”, says Patricia. 

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