Eco Village - a community, committed to sustainable living

Eco Village – A Community, Committed to Sustainable Living

Why don’t you have a journey to learn about advanced sustainable living, not just “consume” type of travel? An Eco village is a community designed and built to be environmentally sustainable. In this issue, we will look at What Eco Village is and some Ecovillages in the world that we can visit.

What is an Ecovillage? 

According to the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), an ecovillage is a planned or traditional community that intentionally seeks to restore social and ecological surroundings through locally owned, participatory procedures. The four pillars of sustainability—ecology, economy, social interaction, and cultural preservation—are all incorporated into a comprehensive strategy.

Role and purpose of Global Ecovillage Network

To inspire, scale, and facilitate communities and people from all walks of life to become active participants in the transition to a resilient and regenerative human presence on Earth, the Global Ecovillage Network connects and supports eco villages, educates the world about them, and grows the regenerative movement.

The following is a list of GEN’s objectives:

  • To improve education for people from all backgrounds by disseminating knowledge and best practices gleaned through networks of ecovillages and sustainable communities worldwide.
  • To enhance human rights, conflict resolution, and reconciliation by encouraging local communities to collaborate internationally and to engage in cross-cultural outreach and effective communication.
  • To promote community and citizen involvement in local decision-making, influence policy-makers, and inform the general public to hasten the transition to sustainable living.  By promoting the eco villages’ physical and cultural technologies, Global Ecovillage Network seeks to establish such a world.

Eco Tourism Sites of Ecovillage introduced in GEN 

Eco villages are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide as a sustainable living option, with more and more green villages popping up daily. The Global Ecovillage Network is an international organization that promotes sustainability through its ecovillages. These ecovillages are built to be environmentally friendly green villages and often have a wide range of activities available to their residents and visitors alike.

By visiting a GEN-promoted eco-tourism site, you can learn more about what it means to live in an eco village and explore how these green villages can help protect our planet for future generations.

Examples of Eco villages:

The following are examples of the eco village:

PachaMama eco village

The spiritual eco-village of PachaMama is a temple of healing and consciousness expansion situated on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The path to profound, transforming growth is made possible at PachaMama eco-village.  The PachaMama community is another deliberate off-grid eco-village where people can live regular lives in connection with nature.

In these one-of-a-kind travel immersions known as Pachamama treks, guests can stay overnight in lodges run by indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.

Cinderland Eco-village

Another example is Cinderland, a green village on the Big Island of Hawaii that’s part of the Global Ecovillage Network. 

Cinderland eco-village is situated in a stunning, jungle-like setting. It is located approximately a mile and a half from the coastline, about 20 miles southeast of Hilo, and about 2 miles from the island’s easternmost tip. The Cinderland Eco Village offers free WiFi and conveniences like laptop-friendly workstations in each of its guestrooms.

Floyd EcoVillage

The Floyd eco-village is a farm in Floyd, Virginia, ideal for ceremonies, retreats, and other events. They can accommodate any size group with hotels and camping.

The New River Valley is home to a brand-new intentional community that aims to unite people who wish to live and work in a setting that promotes sustainability, individual development, and lifelong learning. A few minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and the quaint town of Floyd is a welcoming 75-acre mixture of woods, farm fields, and gardens.

One of the largest ecovillages in the world – Auroville

Auroville, located in southern India, is one of the world’s largest and most well-known ecovillages. Established in 1968, this green village strives to become a self-sustaining community where people of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds come together to work towards creating a harmonious and sustainable way of living.

Auroville has become a model for other eco-villages worldwide, showcasing its successful approach to green building, organic farming, renewable energy sources, waste management, and water conservation. It is a member of the Global Ecovillage Network, an international network that helps foster and promote sustainable living practices worldwide.

Eco village might be an unfamiliar term to many people, but it’s gaining traction as people become more environmentally conscious and urbanization continues to increase worldwide. An eco village isn’t just a community with sustainability in mind; it’s a holistic approach to designing and building communities.  A green village will require you to consider what you do today and how to improve your lifestyle. 

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