Eco Tourism Destinations 2023, Which One Should You Visit?

Eco Tourism Destinations 2023,
Which One Should You Visit?

If you’re an environmentally conscious traveller looking for the most recent tourism trend, then you’d be pleased to know there are regular studies that determine what eco tourism destinations are the highest rated each year. The Euromonitor International’s annual study for 2023 based on the previous year, calculated the countries with the most successful sustainability practices so that travelers can choose the best place to visit. Let’s take a look at some of the countries on the current travel index list below: 

Sweden, Finland, Austria, Estonia and Norway fill the top 5 positions which is a great look for Europe. 

How are the top 5 countries working towards sustainability?

Sweden could be the best place to visit because they are aiming to go fossil-free by the year 2045 and even have plans to have 100% renewable energy. This makes them a fantastic option for an eco-friendly vacation. No matter the season, you can enjoy an eco-lodge stay in Sweden with a range of environmentally safe activities.

Finland is focusing their efforts on the tourism trend by safeguarding biodiversity and climate resilient developments so that they can reach their goals as a sustainable nation. If you don’t mind braving the cold, Finland offers eco-friendly wilderness vacations that you can book onto. 

Austria is another one of the top eco tourism destinations because is aims to reach climate neutrality by 2040 and are working towards massively increasing renewable energy. If you want to enjoy the outdoors while staying eco-friendly, then why not check out some of these self-guided hiking trips? 

Estonia is putting its effort into maintaining an ecological balance with their green areas countrywide and also making sure that the Estonian cultural spaces are usable in a sustainable way. This website offers a range of walking and hiking tours through Estonias landscape with local guides. 

Lastly, Norway is getting on board with the tourism trend of sustainability by working towards the both affordable and clean energy, as well as trying to reduce emissions by 40% by the year 2030. In Norway you can enjoy fjords, lakes and stunning scenery. There are many eco-friendly tours available to choose from including this fjord boat tour through a UNESCO heritage site.

Travelers and sustainability

Around the world, travelers like to look at each tourism trend and different ways to travel without damaging the environment. Each year, as more countries work towards sustainable goals, travelers have more destinations to choose from that allow them to take eco-friendly trips. In a recent study it was found that 79 percent of travellers are prepared to pay at least 10 per cent more for sustainable travel features, despite the cost of living crisis. Additionally, 41 percent of travelers are open to paying over 30 percent extra for adventure and eco-tourism experiences.

We have only listed the top 5 countries on the travel index but there are 15 more that create the top 20 for 2023. Almost every position is held by European nations so if you’re wondering what the best place to visit for your own eco-friendly vacation is, Europe is certainly the continent to consider! With so many different activities to enjoy without causing lasting damage to the environment you truly are inundated with options available to you.So, now you know what countries are offering the most appropriate sustainable vacation opportunities, which of these eco tourism destinations will you visit?

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