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Eco Lodges with Unique Efforts

When travelling, it is important to be aware of the ways that your actions are affecting the environment. By choosing accommodations that have sustainable efforts, you are contributing to bettering the world by reducing your environmental impact. This means that you are choosing to stay in places that actively recycle, and use renewable energy sources, such as energy derived from the sun or wind. There are thousands of eco lodges throughout the world that go out of their way to ensure they are being conscious of the environment, and some are a little more unique than others.

The following are our recommendations for eco lodges with unique efforts.

The Childers Eco Lodge, Australia

Photo: Sofia Jansson

The Childers Eco Lodge is located on a rural farm in beautiful Queensland Australia. It offers sustainable efforts such as solar power, waterless toilets, and timed-showers. You’ll also never have to worry about food going to waste, as food scraps are fed to the farm’s pigs. Although they do not receive travellers who stays just for 1 or 2 nights, what makes the Childers Eco Lodge especially unique is it allows guests with Working Holiday Visa’s to work on their farm. Jobs like mango and avocado picking are available and not only provide travellers with a source of income but also benefits sustainable agriculture, meaning the farm uses natural processes to conserve resources, minimize waste and environmental damage while maintaining farm profitability. The Childers Eco Lodge has won several tourism awards including a New Tourism Development Award in 2014 from the Queensland Tourism Awards. It was also a 2016 Premier’s Sustainability Awards Finalist.

Rewa Eco Lodge, Guyana

Photo: Rewa Eco Lodge

Located in a remote village in Guyana is the Rewa Eco Lodge. This eco lodge is a nature lover’s dream and is surrounded by wildlife and pristine ecological diversity, with the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers nearby. Rewa eco lodge is special as it was built and is run by the people of Rewa Village, making for an incredibly community-oriented environment. For example, guests will feel welcomed by the villagers and can be immersed in their culture, thanks to the eco lodge being directly in the village. There is a strong emphasis on conservation, as the Rewa village has adjusted their lifestyle from one of animal poaching to one that promotes ecological conservation and tourism as alternative livelihoods. Therefore, the villages are dedicated to protecting their land for generations to come. The eco lodge is equipped with sustainable efforts like solar panels to help save energy and meals that consist of locally sourced food. In 2018, Rewa Eco Lodge was the recipient of The Most Outstanding Community-led and Owned Tourism Enterprise Award from the Guyana Tourism Authority.

Algonquin Park Eco Lodge, Canada

Photo: Algonquin Eco-Lodge

If you’re looking to be secluded within nature, then you’ll enjoy the Algonquin Park Eco Lodge in Ontario, Canada. This eco lodge is completely off-the-grid, meaning no electricity from a national energy grid, but rather uses an alternative energy created from a waterfall. Therefore, the Algonquin Park Eco Lodge is still able to provide guests with finer comforts such as indoor plumbing and hot showers. However, there is no internet or cellphone service, so guests are in for the ultimate digital detox. Unlike other eco lodges that can be accessed by car, guests must walk 2.3km through Algonquin Park to reach the doors of this eco lodge. In 2012, The Algonquin Park Eco Lodge received the prestigious Sustainable Tourism Award from The Tourism Association of Ontario, in recognition of their dedication to the environment and alternative energy.

All of the eco lodges mentioned provide unique features that are mindful of reducing their environmental impact. No matter which eco lodge you choose to stay in, you are sure to have a wonderful experience that will also support important sustainable efforts.

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