Eco-Friendly Travel Technology for Transportation

Eco-Friendly Travel Technology for Transportation

As time progresses, the need for travel technology that doesn’t damage the environment increases. As the Earth has gradually become more damaged over time, it’s now our responsibility as humans to try and improve the condition of mother nature in any way that we can. This movement has seen a rise in more travel technology that uses different power sources to the original fossil fuel methods and they’re helping traveler’s to lower their carbon footprints. 

Two of the largest examples of these healthier transport alternatives are solar and electric power which both have grown in popularity in recent times. Some transportation methods using these types of power to run are already in circulation, whereas others are still in the development stage. Look at a few examples of sustainable travel technology below:

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are already being used by traveler’s as a replacement to standard rental petrol and diesel cars. They’re extremely useful and produce clean energy, however those embarking on an electric car roadtrip have to plan where to charge their vehicle along the route. As the want for these vehicles increases, the science behind them gets improved. So, over time, the distance one can travel during an electric car roadtrip before needing to be charged, also increases allowing people to confidently travel without worrying about leaving a high carbon footprint.

Solar airplane

There are plans to create a solar airplane that is safe and stable enough to eventually replace traditional tourist jet-fuel planes. The biggest problems with using a solar airplane currently, is how their functionality is highly dependent on the weather. This means if the weather isn’t working in our favor, the plane is likely to struggle to reach altitude. They’re also significantly smaller and take much more skill to pilot. So, although the concept is a fantastic idea of environmentally safe air travel, we are a long way off using a solar airplane in place of the conventional type for traveling. 

Electric boat

Boats come in all shapes and sizes and are highly used in the tourism industry. Everything from small tour guides’ speed boats, to huge cruises and passenger ferries, boats are used worldwide to transport people during their travels. Similarly to cars, electric boats are already being used around the world as an eco-friendly tourism travel option. They help reduce noise and fuel pollution!

Virtual Reality

VR tourism is the act of traveling virtually so there is no carbon footprint at all. With the virtual reality travel technology, a traveler can visit almost any destination on earth – all from the comfort of their living space. This is a method that has grown in popularity since the pandemic and allows tourists to travel in the most sustainable way possible. 

As time passes, more and more of these sustainable travel technology options will appear and become available for tourism purposes. We live in an age where technology and electricity bring convenience to almost every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise we are trying to utilize these in the most eco-friendly way so that we can continue to explore our Earth.

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