Eco Friendly Resorts For Travelers Who Want To Learn About Sustainability
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Eco Friendly Resorts For Travelers
Who Want To Learn About Sustainability

Travelers world wide have spoken, and the hospitality industry is listening. That is why eco-friendly resorts continue to pop up around the world. The combination of sustainable travel with thoughtful sustainable programs is becoming the norm in the travel industry. These hotels offer luxury sustainability and sustainable programs that really help travelers learn more about sustainability efforts. Keep reading for some excellent options to eco friendly resorts for travelers who want to learn about sustainability. 

Six Senses Laamu – The Maldives 

The Six Senses Laamu is an eco friendly resort located in the Maldives. The hotel offers a sustainability tour that focuses on the inner workings of the resort. Through this sustainable program guests learn about the hotel’s water desalination process, the chickens who lay fresh eggs for guests, the central power station, and to observe the glass recycling process. 

Other hotel activities include a marine conservation program and a green program hoping to inspire change in the community as well as the world. 

Song SAA Private Island – Cambodia

The Song SAA Private Island is on an exclusive private island off the coast of Cambodia which offers an intimate escape where you can disconnect and enjoy simple luxuries. The materials used to build this eco friendly resort were all locally sourced and recycled material. 

The Song SAA Foundation is also committed to the wellbeing of the inhabitants of both the Koh Rong Archipelago and preserving ocean inhabitants. The hotel’s sustainable program includes eco friendly adventure options such as shark cage diving, whale watching, marine safari, or horseback riding.

The hotel’s foundation is focused on building a brighter future for the local community and the environment. They do this by developing carefully crafted eco-friendly sustainability and educational programs. Things like adult education and training in horticulture, hospitality, and guiding, are already positively impacting the planet and the local community.

​Tierra Patagonia – Patagonia, Chile

Credit: Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia is an eco friendly hotel built from local natural materials and inspired by the shape of fossils in the area. It blends seamlessly with its surroundings, and during the build, landscape artists removed the on-site vegetation and tended it before replanting it around the site when it was complete. How cool is that?

Tierra Patagonia’s sustainable programs include an initiative for reforestation by planting a tree for every visitor who stays with them. Their sustainability initiatives don’t stop there, they include the use of renewable energy, protection of natural resources, and eco friendly waste management. They also work to secure strong relationships with local communities and like minded organizations. 

Tierra Patagonia’s excursion list includes a range of tours that offer guests the chance to get to know what ranch life is like, exploring Magellanic customs and local traditions, sharing a Patagonian barbecue, or riding horseback.

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For those wanting to learn more about sustainability while traveling, all of these eco friendly resorts are the perfect place to rest your head. With incredible sustainable programs and sustainable hotel activities, you won’t find any of these places lacking in things to do. What are you waiting for? Get out and explore!


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