Eco Friendly New Caledonia Travel Opportunities

Eco Friendly New Caledonia
Travel Opportunities

New Caledonia is a French territory comprising dozens of South Pacific islands. It’s most known for its beautiful beaches lined with palm trees and lagoons rich with marine life. The Grande Terre, a massive barrier reef, surrounds the main island and is a major scuba diving destination for visitors. The lagoon is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, making it a protected area and a one-of-a-kind location to visit. Whether you’re coming to explore the beautiful outdoor areas or french-style shopping in the capital, New Caledonia has much to offer tourists on the many beautiful islands who are looking for New Caledonia travel 


National Geographic Traveller named New Caledonia as one of its’ “Best of the World 2021 Sustainable Destinations” for its many sustainable efforts throughout the territory. Some examples include carbon-neutral cities and setting a fantastic example for sustainable nature and wildlife tourism.

With rich biodiversity, New Caledonia has 76% endemic terrestrial flora and more than 20,000 different marine species. There are multiple terrestrial protected areas, as well as the Coral Sea Marine Park, the 4th largest marine reserve in the world.

In 2019 there was a bill passed to ban the import of plastic materials and all materials will be replaced with cornstarch, which degrades over time. The local government is also working to preserve the indigenous Kanak culture with sustainable tourism practices and land laws that protect their interests. With sustainable tourism as the core focus of the New Caledonian conservation strategy, many activities are geared towards enjoying the island’s natural parks and sustainable accommodations.

If you’re looking to visit New Caledonia for its natural beauty, you’re definitely on the right path.

New Caledonia Ecotours

Birding Ecotours

This fantastic company offers curated, several-day ecotours to New Caledonia that focus on endemic birds and beautiful natural areas in several different areas of the territory. What sets this organization apart from others is the fact that they donate a minimum of 10% of their profits to bird conservation and local communities.

In addition, they offer sponsorships to bird conservation projects around the world and other initiatives. In addition, Birding Ecotours aims to offset its carbon footprint by donating to NGOs that plant native trees in areas in need of reforestation. Birding Ecotours is perfect for planning your New Caledonia vacation

Dive at the Isle of Pines

The Kunié Scuba Center provides sustainable tours and dives in the zone belonging to the Gadji tribe. As the only company on the island to have a relationship with the local tribe, the scuba center ensures they will protect marine life and the water. This small company has assisted with over 2,000 dives and has in-depth knowledge of the area to assist divers in their journey.

This scuba center is the only center available on the Isle of Pines and is only ten minutes from the airport on the west coast. This is a really unique area to scuba dive and is recommended by other tourists! Using a two-tank dive style, the scuba center can keep up with sustainable practices to protect marine animals and local communities.

New Caledonia is a great destination for sustainability and outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking to spend the majority of your time on the water or exploring the numerous natural parks, this is the sustainable destination for you. No matter why you’ve come to the territory, there are so many New Caledonia travel experiences. Why not make it your next vacation?

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