Eco- Friendly and Affordable Accommodations for Backpackers in Asia
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Eco- Friendly and Affordable Accommodations for Backpackers in Asia

Asia is the world’s largest continent with beautiful topographies and unmatchable experiences. The place provides solace to every wanderer’s heart. 

Every year many backpackers set sail to experience the thrilling wonders of Asia. Being avid travellers, most of them are also naturalists by heart. Having experienced the joy of nature, they understand the need to preserve it.

If you are a voyager like this, you might be searching for an eco- friendly cheap accommodation to stay at while backpacking in Asia. 

Well, look no further! 

Here are some of the most sustainable and pocket-friendly options.

Sunderban Tiger Camp, India

Located amidst the bounty of nature, this camp takes you right to the ultimate wildlife experience. This cheap accommodation is established right across from the Sundarbans national park and serves as an ideal place for young voyagers. 

As a backpacker, you can enjoy the authentic jungle experience in this camp as it is the first government-approved jungle resort near the estuarine mangrove forest. The hotel reflects the local culture and surroundings in its design, as all the decor material has been gathered from the local community. 

The hotel places the traditional values of the Sundarban region in high regard. They respect the sensitive ecology of the island and hence run the entire camp on solar energy. They also practise rainwater harvesting on the grounds.

If you are backpacking in Asia, you must visit the Sunderban Tiger Camp.

Kuwera Eco Lodge, Sri Lanka

Out of all the hotels in Asia, this one stands out due to its Italian design. The dream child of an Italian couple, who were themselves travellers and a Sinhalese tour guide, who knew the land to a T, sprouted this place of relaxation. 

Kuwera Eco Lodge is backpacker-friendly and lies in the belly of nature. The property was carefully constructed with local supplies with minimum damage to the foliage. This preserved the surrounding ecosystem of the place and made it home to multiple species of birds and night animals, like the flying fox.

This cheap accommodation covers all the amenities that a traveller might need for comfort and rejuvenation. It’s the epitome of convenience in the woods.

Angel House Ubud, Indonesia

Credit: Angel House Ubud

If you are backpacking in Asia, you can’t skip out on the tropical vibe of Bali. Try visiting this private resort, which is one of the most highly-rated hotels in Asia. The Angel House stands up to its name and provides serenity and relaxation to its guests. Only 6 adults can stay at the hotel at one time, which provides solo travellers with a small group to interact with.

Backpackers can enjoy the tropical culture of the village Mas Ubud. 

This hotel gives you an option, you can either enjoy seclusion in this tucked away tight-knit property or travel 10 minutes to the tourist centre and enjoy the shopping and adventure experience of Bali.

Angel House Ubud is an ideal prototype of a sustainable and pocket-friendly hotel. Organic composting and recycling are practised routinely. They have adopted the “Refill My bottle” scheme, wherein instead of buying a new plastic bottle, they encourage you to fill up your existing bottle. They also provide all the guests with a free cloth bag to discourage the use of plastic polythenes. 

Backpackers ideally look for comfort at a good price. We have got you covered! You don’t have to compromise the comfort you deserve for money. Also, there are many hotels available all over Asia that manage to create a balance in their prices and sustainable choices. The concept of eco is expensive isn’t always have to be true. So stay tuned and on your next backpacking trip book a hotel that suits your desire, your pocket, and our precious mother nature.

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