Dark Unique Experience: Blind Attractions for the Sighted
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Dark Unique Experience:
Blind Attractions for the Sighted

When it comes to wanting to challenge comfort zones, there are not many ways better than trying to navigate without sight or hearing. For those who can see, hear and have never known what it’s like to be blind or deaf, there are many facilities and exhibits around the world that can give you a unique experience to finally understand what those without these abilities, go through every day.

However, being blind or deaf doesn’t mean people cannot lead a normal life, they just have a few extra steps to take in order to maintain a fulfilled life. Countries around the world have started to come up with ways to make people with these impairments more comfortable by having more accessibility to those that may need it, but they’re also trying to make those without these disabilities understand what they go through to beat ignorance.

Below we have listed a few examples of sensory facilities so that you can have a unique experience while you challenge comfort zones, and also explore life changing experiences allowing you to have better understanding into those who cannot see and/or hear.

Dark Table – Vancouver, Canada

Dark Table is a restaurant led by blind servers to give sighted people an insight into what it’s like to eat food “blind”. The restaurant is in pitch black darkness so visitors cannot see anything. The dark restaurant allows those who can usually see to truly understand what those without sight go through everyday when consuming food. This life changing experience will show the guests that when you can’t see what’s happening around you, your remaining senses are heightened which only adds to the unique experience.

DialogMuseum – Frankfurt Germany

DialogMuseum is the original museum that helps sighted people know what to expect if they were blind. With multiple rooms in a maze-like building, each room has something different to offer when it comes to experiencing “blindness”. Visitors will get to explore an array of various environments that have been created especially for the purpose of getting people out of their comfort zone. It’s such a popular exhibit, that other museums around the world have followed suit and made similar facilities!

Dialogue in the Dark – Tokyo, Japan

Dialogue in the Dark is a similar exhibit in Tokyo taking inspiration from the museum in Frankfurt. The exhibit uses the unique experience to show sighted people how to challenge comfort zones. They’re life changing experiences because they temporarily put visitors into a state of unfamiliarity where they take a walk through a park or around a cruise ship – but all while being surrounded by absolute darkness so they cannot see anything. It’s an interesting exhibit that should be experienced by all who want to understand how blind people live.

With these 3 unique experiences above, you can get a better understanding on how these people live their everyday lives and see how challenging their existence can sometimes be if they’re not met with correct accessibility. This also includes those with mobility issues and in wheelchairs.

If you’d like to become less ignorant and understand what people with impairments go through, consider challenging comfort zones and check out the exhibits or experiences above. You can also search for other attractions that heighten your senses worldwide.

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