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From the 16th century, cultural tourism has been expanding beyond its horizons. In the 18th century, a significant number of people thought of visiting emerging spa resorts. Today World Tourism ranks eco-cultural travel as the top three aspects contributing to international tourist trips. That has consequently contributed to helping various cultural heritages understand the value of natural and cultural immersion. 

What Is Cultural Tourism

Cultural tourism is an ecotourism activity that involves the visitors’ motivation to discover, experience, learn and consume tangible or intangible cultural attractions in different parts of the world. Ecotourism involves catering to tourists’ wishes to exploit the natural environment without causing any damages.

Now, let’s explore some of the great cultural travel destinations found in different parts of the world:

Cultural Travel Destination In South America

Antioquia Department In Colombia

Antioquia offers a wide array of indigenous traditions and intriguing colonial influences. It’s a culturally vibrant destination in north-west Colombia enriched with the exquisite landscape, coffee planting heritage, and the colorful homes that set a welcoming town. Antioquia department is owned by Paisas, a self-defined group with their name derived from the Spanish term of “countryman.”  They have a pleasing dialect and exquisite cuisine. Their culture is passed over generations through folklore and music; Poets, writers, and artists define modern-day Antioquia’s culture. The city of Medellin has been considered the major cultural hub in Colombia.

The Major Cultural Experiences In Antioquia Include:

  • The food scene involves eating the Paisa Cuisine
  • Visiting colorful Pueblo built with a vernacular style
  • Shopping at San Alejo Handicraft Market
  • Visiting Comuna 13 to delve into the tumultuous past of the city in a mindful way

Cultural Travel Destination In Europe

Basque Country

The country of Basque is at the tip of France and its greater portion in Spain. It’s home to the Basques; The entertaining ethnic group with a unique tongue that is not related to any other. They live in half-timbered houses painted with green or oxblood colors. The Basque’s cultures have spread over several provinces of France and Spain to create unique eco-culture destinations that are exceptional. The Basques dance to their own music, cook their own food and enjoy personalized festivals plus folklore and games. They also have a cute sense of heritage and history that adds appetite to all things in Basque.

The Major Cultural Experiences In Basque Country Include:

  • Eating Epaulette pimento, among other spicy foods made different from the common French fare
  • Participating in Bayonne Festival, the largest festival in France
  • Playing the Basques national sport using fronton
  • Purchasing the Basques artisans that symbolize the savvy and determination of Basque heritage

Cultural Travel Destination In The Asia Pacific

Central Australia

Central Australia is home to Anangu and Arrernte people who have inhabited the land for more than 20,000 years. It’s the driest and hottest region in Australia. Plants, animals, and the landscape permeate the culture of Anangu and Arrernte wholesomely. The environment is typically built based on the core stories of beliefs, traditions, and ceremonies. They have a fascinating relationship with the land, which gives them a practical aspect as their reliable source of medicine, shelter, and food. The land management techniques, arts, and native food of Anangu and Arrernte have currently spread to the broad Australian life.

People in Central Australia have chosen the role of becoming guides and managers of the ecotourism business. The cultural travelers have a lot to learn and appreciate from Anangu and Arrernte’s connection with Central Australia’s landscape.

The Major Cultural Experiences In Central Australia Include:

  • Immersing yourself into the indigenous culture at Yulara resort
  • Learning more about didgeridoo plays, crafts, and the indigenous food
  • Enjoying the galleries of the Cultural Centre in Australia
  • Learning about the iconic  Aboriginal culture
  • Appreciating the medical and ceremonial purposes of Ochre Pits
  • Visiting Alice Springs and MacDonnell Ranges

A fascinating holiday experience is founded by moving out and trying to break your community’s common norms. Try something else apart from the beach, preferably eco-cultural tourism. Visit to watch and converse with different groups of people as you note how they drive their local life.

Choose ecotour with the local travel agencies to visit diverse cultural travel destinations to experience immersive local cultures. Cultural tourism is the best way of appreciating your local culture and those of others.

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