Choosing the Best Eco-Tours for Your Perfect Alaska Vacation
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Choosing the Best Eco-Tours
for Your Perfect Alaska Vacation

Alaska is a stunning destination in the USA with 17 national parks and countless eco-friendly tourist attractions. Officially crowned the 49th state and with an impressive 364 million acres of land still uninhabited, this is one destination nature lovers can’t resist. When looking for the best places to visit in Alaska, there are a multitude of destinations you can consider that all offer sustainable tourism opportunities. Whether you include hiking, cruising, or looking for wildlife in your Alaska vacation itinerary, or you just head to their largest city of Anchorage, you’ll be sure to have the Alaska trip of a lifetime.

What makes Alaska so unique?

It’s often called “The Last Frontier” due to having so much untouched land that has never been accurately mapped. It’s a place that is quite isolated and has expansive wilderness just waiting to be explored. The best places to visit in Alaska are typically the stunning landscapes and natural beauties that bring in tourists from around the world. 

Why are sustainable tours in Alaska important?

It’s this curiosity to explore from tourists that also pose a threat. With over-tourism comes damage to economies and environments. So when planning your Alaska trip or tuning out the details for your perfect Alaska vacation, you should opt for eco-friendly tour companies to help protect the land so the locals and future generations can continue to enjoy it.

Discovery Cruises

Discovery cruises are an eco-friendly cruise company to choose from when looking for places to visit on your Alaska vacation. They cover some of the best places to visit in Alaska and have won awards and certifications in environmental sustainability including the “Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) Gold Certificate” for meeting the highest standards in eco-friendly tourism.

Brushbuck Wildlife Tours 

This sustainable company offers wildlife excursions for your perfect Alaska Trip. It’s a brand that not only provides various wildlife viewing tours but also works closely with charities and great causes that help the economy such as the “Yellowstone Wolf Project” and the “Audobon Society” for bird preservation. They take wildlife protection very seriously while offering visitors an educational experience.

Gondwana Ecotours

This 100% carbon-neutral tour company takes their guests to the best places to visit in Alaska where you can see Grizzly bears or the northern lights. They make sure that none of their tours are damaging to the local area and pride themselves on offering sustainable experiences. Not only that, but they also make sure to support local businesses that help support environmentalism.

When planning your own Alaska vacation (or any other destination for that matter) it is always worthwhile to research your destination thoroughly and look for sustainable activities to enjoy. There are countless ways to spend your time in this beautiful and unexplored wilderness, in a way that is not harmful to the region. You can still have an amazing, unforgettable experience on your Alaska trip while being environmentally conscious. So check out one of these recommended tour providers above, or look for sustainable certifications awarded to other reputable companies, and go and have the Alaska vacation of a lifetime.

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