Carbon Neutral Tours Offsetting Footprints While Having Fun

Carbon Neutral Tours
Offsetting Footprints
While Having Fun

Carbon Neutral is the act of removing the same amount of carbon emission from the atmosphere as you emit. So they’re breaking even in the world of sustainability, offsetting what you send into the world by participating in eco friendly activities in order to reduce their footprint. Many industries are doing their part to help the environment, and we are seeing significant improvement across the tourism sector. 

With the travel industry being conscious about the environment, there is a growing demand of eco friendly activities and tour companies wanting to reach carbon neutral. With each sustainable activity, the world is protected a little more which is why more of these tours should be considered when deciding what to participate in. By choosing an exciting sustainable activity on your next adventure, you could do your part in offsetting emissions while still having an amazing travel experience. 

Is it possible to be carbon neutral while travelling?

If you’d like the opportunity to travel with a purpose, doing your part for the environment by taking part in eco friendly activities with companies aiming for carb neutral status, then take a look at our recommendations below. Each company offers a sustainable activity while offering an impressive tourist experience:

Intro Travel

Intro Travel was founded in Australia, and they’re very proud to announce that they have already reached carbon neutral status with their eco friendly activities and environmental efforts. They have tours exploring the rural countrysides across multiple countries (Thailand, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia for example), learning about the traditional cultures of native residents across the Asia-Pacific, all while offsetting their carbon footprint and doing their part with each sustainable activity.

Adventure Tours UK

This British-based tour company is already well established as an environmentally conscious brand offering sustainable activity tours and put a carbon label on every tour they offer for complete transparency for their travellers. This allows you to see how much carbon is released during your trip. They take their responsibility very seriously and aim to lower their emissions even further with the help of their eco friendly activities and tours.

Gondwana Eco Tours

This USA based tour company is verified under the Green America trademark as being carbon neutral and they’re proudly offering eco friendly activities for those travellers who wish to experience a new destination while proudly contributing to the economy of the local residents. They take travelers to multiple destinations around the world including Alaska, Patagonia, Norway, Tanzania and more. They even help to offset the emissions of their traveller’s flights to and from each sustainable activity which helps their overall goal.

As with anything that relates to the environment, no one company or person will make a difference, but with the effort of more companies following in the footsteps of those paving the way, we stand a good chance of making improvements. With more options being available for you to choose from you have the option to do the right thing and select an adventure with carbon neutral experiences. You can still have a once in a lifetime vacation and have the time of your life, so if you choose to go on a tour with a carbon neutral brand, the world environment can benefit from your choice too.

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