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Solo Travel

Can Traveling Alone Be Sustainable?

Traveling in a world filled with wonder, is amazing!

Traveling alone can be quite intimidating for any traveller. One must be highly aware of their environment, in all forms of travel. Caution is always recommended, but once the level of intimidation begins to fade and the excitement of your upcoming travels occurs, it’s time to start thinking of all the benefits to being a solo traveller! The benefits are many. 

There are many well-travelled persons who prefer traveling alone, and we can understand why. There are several benefits to traveling alone such as only doing what you want and scrapping the ‘to-do’ list. If you are a person who is contemplating a solo trip, or a friend of a solo traveller, keep reading below for the reasons why solo travel can be beneficial and sustainable!

Some things solo travellers will notice

You can leave your ‘Must Do’ list at home

The rush, the stress, the schedules, the career, social and familial obligations… It all gets to be a bit much at times. After all, isn’t ‘getting away from it all’ the justification for your trip? Arrive at your destination, take a deep breath and allow yourself to take a pause to enjoy the view. This is your travel journey. For you and you only. Take the time to renew your friendship with your inner self and enjoy making memories!

Locals may be more protective of you

A person traveling alone will often find themselves surrounded by protective locals that share advise, helpful suggestions and concern that everything is ‘just right’ for the traveller. This is especially true when, for example, taking an ecotour with a local ranger, or having a village stay with a local family. There seems to be a natural inclination to protect or educate those traveling alone about the social/culture environment of the destination in order to allow the traveller to make perceivably wiser decisions regarding areas to visit, eateries, safest times of evening and conservative dress. 

You will meet many interesting people

As a solo traveller, one will meet so many interesting people. Other travel groups and locals alike have a tendency to trust those traveling alone and want to talk to you, include you in their group, share a table with you in a crowded eatery. If you are in the mood to make new friends, this is a great way to learn about previously unknown tourism activities or local festivals, recommendations and to even manage an invitation or so to local events!  To read more about solo travel and its benefits, check out this article.

Sustainability concerns with solo travel

Many solo travellers have a tendency to be on the road for a much longer period of time, than if travelling in a group setting. In longer term circumstances of traveling alone such as backpacking, or touring many destinations, some sustainable decisions come as almost a second nature. By this, it is meant that when a traveller is making decisions that will help the money to last longer, the bag to be lighter or the frequency of necessary stops to be fewer – these same things can also help the trip to be more sustainable.  Decisions such as packing lightly by including only items that can be used across multiple occasions, using only reusable containers instead of single-use which will later need to be disposed of, utilising homestays and dining at local establishments are not only money-savers and space-savers, but are also the sustainable option! 

Wherever you find yourself during your travels, whether traveling alone or with others, do consider taking an ecotour or staying in an eco-friendly accommodation or village stay! There is no greater feeling than doing good and when your efforts are focused on local communities, the memories you create will be all your own and not mass-marketed.

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