Breathtaking Spots around the World with Spectacular Views on a Bicycle Trip
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Breathtaking Spots around the World
with Spectacular Views on a Bicycle Trip

There’s no doubt that bicycle trips have increased in popularity in recent years! Especially since covid hit every country on the planet in 2020, more people than ever want to use bicycles as their preferred choice for sustainable exercise, transportation, and exploring.

Especially when traveling, a bicycle trip provides you with an excellent opportunity for a less expensive and more sustainable way of exploring your destination.

From wild mountain bike rides to strolling around in the city, a bicycle trip gives you the chance to move your body while enjoying the fresh air and sights of incredible city views and landscapes.

This article walks through 3 of the most breathtaking spots around the world where you can get spectacular views on a bicycle trip!

1. Book an alpine bicycle vacation with Ecologico Tours in Switzerland, Europe

Switzerland is one of the most diverse and picturesque countries in Europe. Spend your bicycle vacation riding around in the valleys while enjoying the incredible views of giant snow-covered mountaintops with castles and fortresses hugging the turquoise water-filled lakes and rivers. 

Filled with small romantic old towns, this gem of a central European spot has some of the most breathtaking views you can explore on a bicycle vacation!

Based in Switzerland, Ecologico Tours has been operating as both a tour operator and travel agent since 2000. They now offer everything from bicycle vacations to gourmet – and walking tours around most of Europe, with all tours accredited by expert guides.

Click here to read more about this fantastic opportunity to cruise around Switzerland’s magnificent, green and lush alpine landscape!

2. Plan a unique bike tour around Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, USA

Take a bike tour through one of the US’ most spectacular national parks, Bryce Canyon. This is one of the most popular places to visit in the US for its unique orange, red, pink, and white rocky landscape.

A bike tour through Bryce Canyon’s gorgeous scenery will delight you with unique sights of 60-million-year-old large, wavy red rock formations and pink and orange hoodoos (spired-shaped rock formations), with sky-high dark-green pine trees hiding in between.

Bryce Canyon is known for having the most hoodoos in the entire world and is sure to impress with its colorful landscape.

For your bike tour through the glorious Bryce Canyon, you can rent electric bikes at Bryce Canyon EZ Riders, conveniently located right outside the entrance of the impressive National Park.

3. Get up close and personal with a bike trip on Rottnest Island in Western Australia

Get up close and personal with the native animals of Australia with Paul’s Eco Bike Tours around Rottnest Island.

Here, you are guaranteed to meet the adorable Quokka – an Australian native short-tailed scrub wallaby that doesn’t live anywhere else in the world.

On the bike trip, Paul will guide you through the stunning island on e-bikes while sharing his exceptional knowledge about aboriginal culture and the importance of maintaining the integrity and ecological functions of the beautiful coastal environment.

Add to this a variety of different shades of crystal blue water surrounding the island, the views of native green Australian bushland, and white sandy beaches, you have the perfect full-day bike trip in Western Australia. You might even get the chance to spot a marine animal or two!

Whether you feel like getting into the wilderness in the US, biking in the Swiss valleys, strolling through small romantic cities of Europe, or connecting with wildlife in Australia, these three spots will surely give you an eco-friendly bike trip experience of a lifetime!

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