Sustainable Badge: Booking A Sustainable Hotel Made Easy
Eco Hotel / Eco Lodge Sustainable Badge:
Booking A Sustainable Hotel Made Easy

Sustainable travel just became even more accessible with’s Travel Sustainable Badge program released in April 2022. The goal of the program is to make sustainable travel easier for everyone. This program highlights sustainable hotel options, making it so that travelers can book with confidence. Keep reading to find out more about the Travel Sustainable Badge. 

What is the Sustainable Badge On‘s program is the first of its kind because the badge is applicable to more than just hotels, you can also book sustainable apartments, vacation homes and even tree houses on a global scale.

The company did a bit of research and found that about 73% of travelers are interested in booking sustainably, but don’t know where to begin. The Travel Sustainable Badge solves that problem. Any property on with the badge can be booked confidently knowing that they are an eco friendly hotel. The main focus of the badge is highlighting sustainable practices that are most relevant to a broad range of property types, as well as their impact potential. 

How Does That Benefit You?

Booking sustainably has never been easier, and you can book an eco friendly hotel with confidence thanks to the criteria each property needs to meet. The program shares the sustainability practices of their partners so that you as a traveler can easily understand the initiatives the establishments are taking before making your choice. This allows those travelers who want to travel sustainably to make a reservation with confidence so that their visit will have a low impact on the destination. 

How Does Evaluate Sustainable Hotels? actually collaborated with the Travalyst Coalition, the Travalyst Independent Advisory Group, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) to identify five key areas that they evaluate for each hotel. Each sustainable hotel is evaluated on waste, energy, water, supporting local communities and protecting nature. There are around 32 sustainability practices that each establishment can choose from, the claims are then verified by independent professionals in the sustainability sector. 

Properties that meet the requirement for impact receive the first version of the Travel Sustainable badge, including those with a broad range of existing certifications and labels such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Green Tourism and the EU Ecolabel. Additionally, establishments that meet the criteria of a GSTC recognised standard, such as Green Key, can have their eco-certification added to their profile page on 

Where To Find The Sustainable Badge and How To Use It?

If you are interested in booking a sustainable hotel then you simply look for the Travel Sustainable Badge on the hotels page on When searching for hotels, put in your destination and intended dates. Once the results are presented look at the left hand column under “filter by”. You’ll notice the “Sustainability” filter with a list of how many Travel Sustainable Badge recipients are in your destination. Click the box to see all of the sustainable hotel options.

An eco friendly hotel that meets the criteria will have the new badge displayed prominently on its page, as well as having any other certifications and labels displayed. Booking sustainably has truly never been easier. Do your own search for your next trip here!

If you are an eco conscious traveler then the new Travel Sustainable Badge can help you easily find a sustainable hotel. Booking sustainably can be done with confidence knowing the rigorous screening process that these properties go through to earn the badge. What are you waiting for? Book your next eco friendly hotel today!

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