Bio Hotels: Europe’s Innovative Network of Sustainable Hotels
Sustainable Accreditation

Bio Hotels:
Europe’s Innovative Network of Sustainable Hotels

The modern traveler is seeking authentic experiences and sustainable hotels in every corner of the globe. It’s apparent that the travel industry is scrambling to meet this growing demand through half-hearted eco-labels and encouraging guests to re-use their towels. 

However, there are also many companies that are completely re-inventing the traditional hotel model and banning together with like-minded industry professionals to offer innovative solutions toward sustainable travel and a reduced travel footprint. A prime example is the Bio Hotels network. These green hotels are not just focused on saving the environment, but also offering elevated travel experiences that are nourishing, invigorating, and healthy for the mind, body, and soul. 

What are Bio Hotels?

In 2001, a group of like-minded Austrian hoteliers came together to form an association of sustainable hotels committed to delivering 100% organic food and products. Together, the group worked to establish regional partnerships with farmers and natural hunters so that every ingredient, meal, and beverage that passes through their establishments are wild-caught, collected, and organic.  

As the association grew, so did their standards. Today, the key pillars of Bio Hotels include 100% organic cosmetics, 100% green electricity, reduced C02 emissions, and ecological construction, equipment, and cleaning agents. Together they initiate projects, expand their network and regional partnerships, and meet ambitious targets in sustainability.

The 80 green hotels within the Bio Hotels association can be located across six European countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Greece. Not only is Bio Hotels the first international hotel association to commit to being climate positive by 2023, but their transparency and attention to detail offer guests an unparalleled level of comfort and assurance. 

How Does Bio Hotels Work? 

Each hotel in the network offers their own unique style of hospitality while adhering to a set of uniform standards. To become a member of the network, a hotel must demonstrate, prior to approval, that they are using 100% organic foods and beverages throughout the hotel, 100% green energy, use of recyclables and sustainable resources, and certified natural organic cosmetics. Specific sustainability requirements can be found on their website.

Once the hotel becomes a member, they must comply with bi-annual, independent inspections and evaluate their carbon footprint every two years. At the time of this article, more than 50% of their partners are operating either climate-neutral or climate-positive. Few sustainable certificates or green labels commit to more than one inspection a year which goes to show how committed and transparent Bio Hotels is to making a difference. 

How Can I Book a Bio Hotel?

It’s never been easier to book an eco-friendly hotel than through the Bio Hotels website. Filter through the partner hotels by destination, location, deals, or your ideal type of stay: dog friendly, wellness, romantic, family, etc. Compare your options and book directly on the site to enjoy exclusive benefits, no booking fees, and a best price guarantee. If you’re booking through another site, make sure to look for the Bio Hotel logo!

While there are many green hotels to choose from, few can deliver higher quality sustainable food. Through their bio-food initiatives and organic furniture and cosmetics, you as a guest can see first-hand the positive impact Bio Hotels has on the environment while enjoying stunning landscapes and comfortable hospitality. 

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