Best Way to Pack a Suitcase: Avoiding the Unnecessary
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Best Way to Pack a Suitcase: Avoiding the Unnecessary

When getting ready for a vacation, the best way to pack a suitcase is by picking items that are versatile, sustainable and don’t take up too much space. When looking for packing tips for flying, you should take into consideration the weight of each item so you can make sure you don’t go over your weight allowance per passenger. Plus, the lighter the weight carried onto the plane, the less fuel consumption is used making it more sustainable. However, many people make the mistake of not researching packing ideas for travel and end up including many items that are not needed or necessary for their trip. That’s why we’d like to give you some examples of items you likely think you need, but you really don’t have to pack. 

Large toiletries

It’s a given that everyone will pack toiletries of some kind, but you certainly don’t need large bottles of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel in your suitcase. These are all necessary items that people around the world will use but they’re unlikely to be finished on your trip which is a waste. Plus, most accommodations have these for use so the best way to pack a suitcase is to not include large toiletries. Just bring small ones then use the accommodation supply.

Duplicate items

If you’re traveling with other people, it’s likely you don’t need to pack some items if your companion has them already. As a group, there is little point in following packing ideas for travel that tell everyone in your travel group to pack the same items, when you can likely share. Think cables, sun screen, insect repellant as examples that you can share, which reduces the overall weight of things to carry.

Out of season items

When thinking about packing tips for flying, it would be a waste of space to include items that are out of season for the destination you’re going to. If you’re heading to a hot destination, you won’t need to bring winter clothing and layers. If you include these out-of-season items you’ll use up unnecessary space which is the opposite of the best way to pack a suitcase. It’s worthwhile doing your research in advance to avoid taking things you won’t use. Consider taking a versatile thin scarf that can be layered but also folded small.

Expensive valuables

Although there are some clever jewellery packing ideas for travel, it isn’t something that’s recommended to take with you. Jewellery is usually valuable, but also makes you a potential target from thieves or pickpockets overseas. As a tourist, you’re already a little more at risk than residents because you’re not familiar with the local customs. It would likely be upsetting to lose or damage your expensive jewellery and it’s unsustainable to replace them with high value so, it really isn’t worth the risk for a few days on a vacation.

As you get familiar utilising your packing tips for travel, you’ll easily pick up the best ways to pack a suitcase that allow you to be both a sustainable traveler, but also maximise the limited suitcase space you have. You’ll become a natural in no time packing only the essential items that are actually needed for each trip.

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