National Park Tour

Best Places for a National Park Tour Around the World

A national park tour might be one of the best ways to travel sustainably. It allows you to get close to nature while satisfying your need for a new travel adventure.

You can find national parks all over the world, each country has its own protected nature reserves. We have selected a few parks around the world we really love and wanted to present them to you in this article.

Khao Sok, Thailand

Taking a national park tour through Khao Sok is going to be an unforgettable experience for you. You have no choice but to fully concentrate on nature, as there is no Wi-Fi or mobile network available here. So instead of being constantly distracted by Instagram and other social media platforms, you can fully engage with the beautiful nature here.

But we haven’t told you what’s so great about this national park, which covers more than 700 square kilometers. Well, first, it is still considered a real insider tip, only a few tourists from other countries travel here. And besides, fantastic sights await you, a camera is accordingly part of your basic equipment on this national park tour.

Among other things, wild bears and elephants live in Khao Sok, which you can even get in front of the lens with a little luck. But also the Cheow Lan Lake with its imposing limestone rocks will let you press the shutter release on your camera many times. Boredom will definitely not arise so quickly.

Fruška Gora, Serbia

Fruška Gora National Park lays in the north of Serbia, more precisely in the autonomous province of Vojvodina. The city of Novi Sad is located about 20 kilometers further north of this impressive national park.

Especially the locals love to do national park tours here in Fruška Gora. This is how they escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Especially interesting is the fact that numerous fossils of long extinct animals have been discovered here.

Forest covers the entire national park. Thus, Fruška Gora is a diverse habitat for more than 1,000 different species of animals and plants. Furthermore, first-class wine gets produced in Fruška Gora, which you should of course also taste during a national park tour.

Numerous hiking trails lead through the national park, on which you can make some sustainable  national park tours through Fruška Gora. Especially because of the many monasteries and small villages, you should put a tour through this national park high on your bucket list. But not only hikers like to come here, but also mountaineers and cyclists.

Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada

Located in the south of Canada’s province of Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park may not be particularly large compared to other national parks in North America. But it has a lot to offer. After all, not every national park can claim to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a night sky sanctuary, and a biosphere reserve.

A national park tour gives you the opportunity to explore the diverse landscape of all of Canada in a small format. In particular, the slogan “Where the Mountains Meet the Prairies” couldn’t be more apt. Among the absolute highlights of a national park tour are the breathtaking Cameron Lake, the Red Rock Canyon and the view of the Rocky Mountains. Furthermore, Waterton Lakes National Park is home to over 1,000 different species of plants and animals. If you want to see as much as possible on your national park tour through Waterton Lakes, we especially recommend the Crypt Lake Trail.

Besides these national parks, there are many others that are also waiting for your visit. You can find suitable destinations for sustainable national park tours all over the world. You will be surprised how many opportunities you will find if you just look for them.

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