Best Christmas Markets in the World Offering Sustainability

Best Christmas Markets in the World
Offering Sustainability

When looking for the best Christmas markets in the world, there are a few things that should be considered. Their impact on the environment is certainly one of them as more and more people focus on eco-friendly and sustainable events. But what exactly makes the best European Christmas markets sustainable? What types of initiatives do they have in place to rank in the list of best xmas markets worldwide? 

Sustainable acts are anything that can help lower the impact on the environment. They can be used in almost any type of event including festivals, ski resorts and restaurants. Some examples include reusable and recyclable items being used over single use, electronics that emit low levels and using locally or organically sourced materials wherever possible. 

Manchester, UK

Manchester Christmas Market in the UK,makes sure to use organically-sourced materials for all of their decorations and even use some recycled items. With regards to their energy use, they pride themselves on having 91% of the market’s lights, running on Bioprint. This means they emit much less than more usual lighting products. With each of these sustainable attributes they have been awarded the greenest Christmas market in the UK.

Toulouse, France

Located on Place du Capitol in the centre of the city, this event in Toulouse has been rated as one of the best Christmas markets in the world because of their eco-friendly practices. To give you some idea of what they do, they have reduced their plastic and wrapper usage among purchasable items, plus they have appropriate waste bins for all to use. Another feature that makes them one of the best xmas markets in the country is the use of biodegradable cups and they even take into consideration noise levels. They don’t want the busy market to disrupt the local residents so have adopted a low sound level throughout.

Berlin, Germany

This Berlin market offers a 100% green event due to not having any animal products on sale. The entire event has been labelled as the best xmas market due to being strictly vegan for all visitors. They sell all items under the fair trade label following strict guidelines and make sure to have a strong focus on sustainability across all that they offer. They’re one of the best Christmas markets in the world offering delicacies’ from multiple country’s and organic and locally sourced mulled wine.

So before you dive in and arrange a visit to Christmas markets, you should consider taking inspiration from our list of the best European Christmas markets that offer sustainability across the continent. You can often see what eco-friendly practices they have in place on their websites, as the best xmas markets tend to proudly showcase what they’re offering in an environmentally friendly sense which makes it easier for you to choose the best one. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the holiday festivities enjoying the most eco-friendly, best Christmas markets in the world.

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