Beautiful Destinations For Coral Planting
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Beautiful Destinations
For Coral Planting

The importance of the world’s coral reefs is often overlooked, but it is essential to the health of our planet’s oceans. Coral reef biodiversity and significance to the planet are often compared to that of the rainforests, they protect the world’s coastline from further erosion. The crucially important ecosystems created by coral reefs are being threatened by pollution, climate change and unsustainable fishing.

But there’s some good news, coral restoration is possible and coral planting can help to regrow the reef. In fact, there are hundreds of coral propagation efforts around the world, but a few locations that allow travelers to participate in coral restoration. Use this list of beautiful destinations for coral planting to help you decide where to join coral reef restoration efforts on your travels.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island – Maldives 

In the north central Indian Ocean sits the Maldives, and at Conrads Maldives Resort guests are taught how coral planting helps to regenerate fragments of coral into reefs. They use metal frames to plant the coral and then these frames are then placed on the ocean floor to grow. This is great for coral reef restoration efforts. You can even name your metal frame and receive photo updates of the growth progress. Find out more about their eco-friendly efforts and coral reef restoration here

Outriggers Fiji Beach Resort – Fiji

The Outriggers Fiji Beach Resort is diligently involved in coral restoration and protection in Fiji. Their coral reef restoration efforts in the South Pacific Ocean have already had an important impact as they’ve seen an increase in baby sharks and other coral reef marine life in a short amount of time. Guests at this resort have already planted upwards of 100 football fields worth of coral reef. Find out more about their coral planting, you can join in the efforts here

Zeavola Resort and Spa – Thailand 

Located in Koh Phi Phi, this eco dive resort gives divers the opportunity to help fight against coral bleaching. This occurs when chemicals found in common sunscreens harm the coral reef after leaving a swimmers or divers skin. It’s important to use reef safe sunscreen made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Not only that, but guests can join in the coral reef restoration by planting coral themselves. After coral planting guests are also invited to take part in cleaning up the current reef to make sure that plastics don’t suffocate the healthy coral. 

Coral Restoration Dive By Island Ventures – Key Largo, U.S.

The coral reef in Key Largo, Florida has been declining due to global warming and tourism. In Key Largo the reefs are down to about 2% or 3% cover, the normal amount of both hard and soft coral cover is 40%. The coral reefs of Key Largo desperately need replating, and you can help. Join a coral restoration dive to a coral nursery. This is open to any and all certified divers. You can find out more about coral planting in Key Largo here

You can find more great resources on coral planting and coral reef restoration here

The importance of coral reefs to our planet should not be underestimated. If these vibrant hued reefs disappear, so will a myriad of marine life that calls the reefs home. But there are several things you can do to help, including making sure you wear reef safe sunscreen, you can find a guide here.

If you aren’t traveling to one of these areas, but want to help, simply search coral planting where you are traveling. Such a small activity like coral planting, can have a huge impact on our oceans and planet. Join the fight to save our planet’s coral reefs!

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