Avoid Doing What’s on the “Not To Do List” As a Traveler
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Avoid Doing What’s on the “Not To Do List” As a Traveler

When it comes to traveling, there is an unwritten “no to do list” that people should follow. These points may not be written down, but they are the unspoken tips that every respectable traveler should be mindful not to do. Let’s face it, no one wants to be the type of tourist that causes a local community to be disrupted or affected in any negative way. Yet, somehow many people unknowingly do things wrong with their inappropriate travel manner. In order to avoid being known as a terrible tourist, there are ways to enjoy an adventure overseas with as little effect on the surrounding area as possible, a type of commonsense travel that should be widely adopted by more explorers. The best way to follow the “not to do list” is to first know what’s on it, so you know what to avoid doing. So let’s look at some examples below:

Don’t Litter

Littering is a huge problem around the world and over tourism has certainly caused some places to be much worse than others in terms of trash being left everywhere. One of the top ways to succeed in sensible travel is to not leave anything on the ground or out in the environment if it belongs in a trash can (or recycling bin). Littering is illegal in some countries (including Singapore) so it gets the number one spot on our “not to do list”!

Use Multi-use Plastics

Too many destinations have single use plastics that are thrown away after one use. This is partly why so much of the littering problem relates back to plastics. No matter what type of travel manner or style you explore in, you can help this situation but purchasing multi-use plastics. These are plastics that can be used over and over again so they don’t end up in the landfill.

Don’t rush

When you rush and try to get everywhere quickly, you’ll likely need to use quick transportation that can add to your carbon footprint. Part of commonsense travel is knowing when to slow down and walk places or go at a slower pace which can lower your footprint instead. Plus, traveling slowly allows you to see more.

But what else should you avoid during your commonsense travel adventure? The list is huge but here are some key point that should be followed

  • Do not ignore the laws and regulations of your destination
  • Don’t assume everyone can speak your language
  • Avoid wearing offensive clothing. Consider your destinations dress code
  • Don’t be disrespectful in any sacred places
  • Do not touch any unknown wildlife – they could be endangered or harm you

Now that you have an idea of what it means to have a responsible travel manner and what to avoid on the “not to do list”, hopefully you’re better equipped to explore as a careful tourist. This list above is not exhaustive of the things you should try to avoid during your adventures, but it certainly holds some of the most common problems with today’s travelers.

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