Authentic Interactive Travel Focused on Meeting Locals

Authentic Interactive Travel
Focused on Meeting Locals

Everyone that travels, does so for a different reason. Some like to experience specific foods, see landscapes, learn something new, and others like interactive travel and to meet local people. Although there have been some networks and companies that encourage authentic travel through communication with residents, there are not many tour companies that base their entire business model around interactive travel and the opportunities to meet local people but I’d like to outline a few below.

The interactive travel movement

This travel style has garnered the attention of travellers who want a real-life experience of a destination instead of just getting sucked into common tourist traps. Authenticity is huge in the tourism industry and heading out on a local tour is a prime way to enjoy the city how the locals do. 

So how can you get in on the action? Take a look at these company’s below:

Hood Travel

Based in Kyoto, this Japanese tour company has focused on creating travels to meet local people in order to give the traveller a traditional insight into this mesmerising Japanese city. Each local tour pairs local residents with travelers in an interactive travel setting where they can get to know about the history and culture of the city from the people who know it best.

Tours by Locals

This tour company is slightly different because they don’t only focus on one destination. Instead, they have local guides around the globe ready to offer an authentic look into their lives around their hometowns. Each traveler gets to search the site to find a guide in their vacation destination, then they can safely book the interactive travel experience to enjoy a local tour.

Meet the Locals (for families)

This company focuses their brand around family friendly recommendations that all ages can enjoy. They are a team of locals in Paris, London and Edinburgh ready to be the friendly local tour guide for travelers visiting each city. They give a great interactive travel experience by showing the families around the cities to all the spots that only locals would know about.

What are the benefits of this type of tour?

  • More authentic travel experience
  • Get to find out more about the destination from those who know best
  • Learn how the locals live instead of just reading the travel brochures
  • Get to meet unique people you’d otherwise never meet
  • Visit some local hotspots in the cities

As the interest in travelers wanting a local tour increases, the number of companies offering interactive travel will also increase. You’ll have multiple brands to choose from when trying to pick the most suitable tour that allows you to meet local people. When you meet local people you’ll be able to learn first hand what life in that destination is like so you’ll get an insight into the lives of residents that call your vacation destination home. Where do you want to meet a local next? 

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