Artificial Intelligence Travel and How It’s Used in Tourism
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Artificial Intelligence Travel and How It’s Used in Tourism

In case you’re not aware, there’s a new wave of advanced travel that is taking the world by storm. AI is a growing scientific field currently being explored and it’s gaining attention across all areas of the travel industry. Artificial intelligence travel is the name used when using AI to enhance or make travel experiences easier. Since AI has not yet come of age, it is not as widely used yet compared to what we expect to see in the future. New travel experiences using AI can benefit travel professionals but also, the general public. People don’t need to have science-based qualifications or a certificate in travel and tourism to take advantage of this new advanced travel phenomenon. AI helps sustainable practices due to offering faster convenient solutions without paper, while utilising less human effort.

Let’s look at what types of artificial intelligence travel experiences there are:

New Travel Recommendations

For those that want to get recommendations for a travel destination, AI is a helpful option that can save you from having to get the opinions from multiple people at once. By entering your upcoming destination into an artificial intelligence travel query, you can receive a comprehensive list of common attractions and new travel recommendations without much effort. This is a great way to get an idea of what might be available to see and do in each place.

Creating Itineraries

Every trip has a baseline itinerary in order to be organised. Since AI technologies have been recognised in travel, we have noticed more and more people using AI to create advanced travel itineraries instead of researching for themselves. One main benefit to this is saving an enormous amount of time since you can have a full, comprehensive new travel itinerary in a matter of minutes compared to potentially hours worth of research.

Facial Recognition

Many busy airports around the world have started using facial recognition to help keep track of passengers along their journeys. This artificial intelligence travel experience is allowing people to board planes using their faces – instead of printed or digital boarding passes. It is not yet widely available across all airports worldwide, but the USA is one of the first nations to roll out this new travel security method with promising results. 

Flight Forecasting

Artificial intelligence travel is also a term given to advanced travel technology used by professionals in the industry. For example, some airlines will use AI to help map flight paths that allow for a more efficient journey and flight time. This can also help with avoiding storms and dangerous weather and successfully keeping track of a steady flow of airplane traffic arriving and departing from airports worldwide. 

There’s simply no hiding it, artificial intelligence travel technologies are just going to keep appearing and will grow in popularity over the years. It’s a growing trend that is continuously being improved as we learn and master the art of AI. Advanced travel planning and creating perfect itineraries are no longer only in reach of travel agents and professionals. These are now much more accessible for the everyday citizen who wants to save some money, have an amazing travel adventure, while not wasting too much time waiting for customised offers.

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